Negative Weight Export bug

Bug with specific body, tried it twice by accident and started looking into it, basically just needs to be fixed like the others.
It’s the 2000 coupe, tried making 2 super cars and just didn’t work, wheels flew off when I attempted to use them in BeamNG. If any more information is needed just let me know.

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Is this using the openbeta branch of the game?

I tried using openbeta and the regular version, didn’t fix it.

In the openbeta version you fix it by reselecting the trim body, then it loads the new fixed parameters and everything works as intended. Just being on openbeta doesn’t fix a previously built car with broken body parameters.

I have the same issue. Open Beta, Build 200532.12709.2506, New car (not based on any older model, completely new car)

The issue is with the 1940 Coupe, or to be precise “BodyEditor_40sSedanHuge_Coupe” (20.1 KB)