NEKO Engines by Efendi Motor Co

What NEKO engine should i make again?

  • 2.0litres NEKO
  • 1.6litres NEKO
  • 2.5litres NEKO

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We’ve made a new inovation of engines
They are called NEKO.
Q: Where does NEKO word comes from?
A: It’s from a Japanese word for Cat.

Q: Why it’s choosed?
A: Because cats are small guys and smart.

Q: What’s the engine configuration? How much power does it produces? How much fuel does it consumes in a 1359kg car?
A: 904cc Engine : 110 HP and Torque is around 150 Nm
1200cc Engine : 150 HP and Torque is around 170 Nm
The reality is the 1200cc engine is more economical because we used pistons that makes the engine consumes less fuel.

Q: How can you do that?
A: It’s technology made by us and it has a secret recipe

Q: How silent it is?
A: Can you hear a cat purring? Nearly can’t right? Yes the engine is very silent

Thank you.

Do these engines have a turbo? Or is that part of your secret recipe?

No because i only have the Automation Demo


No because i only have the Automation Demo[/quote]

Oh ok. Good work!