Nemesis: V12 Spyder

My first horse. The game doesn’t have V12’s yet so I’ll just have to imagine one… :blush:

Curious…does anyone think it would look better in another color?

I love the front end, very much Alfa inspirated :smiley:

The skirts however, are way too wide in my opinion. Also the back end is too standard ferrari/alfa/skyline-ish.
The red suits it perfect, just to answer your question. Yellow would be amazing too, or black.

Keep up the good work!

those wheel arches ttho

when we get to play around with wheel ET and width, it would look damn fine on 315/50 r18 :wink:

I’m liking the front of it. It will look a lot better once you can put bigger tires on it to fill up those wheel wells! Although, IMO i think the back fender flares are just a little to big, but that’s just me.

Also, i think it would pretty sexy in white.

Welp, since the updated deleted the original I had to remake it. I put a longitudinal 4.4L FP twin turbo V8 and this is the result. :unamused:

I suggest you to make the rear lights a bit smaller, they look cartoonish, Oh, and that headlights are also way too big, a simple hit from another car’s door in a parking lot aaaand they’re gone :smiley: