Nems 1990 300ZX Z32

Hey guys, here’s my Z32 300ZX :slight_smile:

Here are the Specs:

1990 Nissan 300ZX Z32 “Slicktop”
131.4rwkw Dyno tested(previous owner)

Engine Mods:
2.5" Unique Autosports Catback Exhaust
2.5" Custom Front Pipes w/highflow cats
K&N Pod Filter
Underdrive Crank Pulley
F1 Racing “stage 3” brass button clutch
ECUtalk Consult Display Unit
NA auto ECU With APEXi SAFC piggybacked on(untuned though)
300ZX Twin Turbo Fuel Pump

Bought the car back in 2009 with a 2.5" Custom catback, UDP, Pod & standard clutch. Was a very nice looking car, atleast to me, and the motor was in perfect nick so i decided to buy it.

From when i first bought it

Not long after i bought it did i have my first go at the dragstrip, here are some photo’s

After 5 runs the best i could come up with was a pathetic 15.017 @ 97.22MPH . My clutch was slipping on anything more then a 2500rpm launch so i had to take off really easy.

About 5 months after that my clutch decided to call it quits, held up well for a stock clutch IMO. After looking for hours i decided on my new clutch, a “Gripforce F1” racing Stage 3 Button Clutch. Oh boy did this take some getting use to for the first day, soon as i picked up the car i got stuck in peakhour traffic! At the drags was chirping 3rd gear at 100KPH

A good 1500k’s had passed and the clutch had been well worn in i decided to have another crack at the drags, i HAD to get that 14 second pass!

Decided i would take it easy on my first run so i wouldn’t stuff up, managed a 14.847 @ 95MPH first try! :happy: What was even funnier was that i had tried to select 4th but had trouble so i let off a bit before the finish line. Ok Second run, was really excited to see what i could get, time to see what it was capable of
Timeslip, a 14.6!:

Not Bad considering a lot of first gear was wheelspin and i hit the rev limiter before the finish line! Rear tyres are chinese crap 235/45R17’s and were set to 25psi during my runs.

Just a few months later i decided to run again, with no extra work done to the car managed a 14.585 second pass, a bee’s d*ck off the fastest time for an NA 300ZX in australia. All these runs were with it hitting the rev limiter in 3rd gear well before the finish line, 4th gear is almost impossible to grab at redline(synchros gone)

Yes that is an FPV GT-P :slight_smile:

Being off my P plates for quite a while now i had been buying lots of bits to get her ready for boost, but we will get to that a bit later. As i went on i bought two wrecks for parts and to sell on bits that i could. The first was my mates old 2+2 NA which was T-boned at 100kph by a taxi:

The second was bought off an aus300zx member after it was written off by the insurance company:

Currently did a few extra exterior/cosmetic mods although they dont appeal to everyone, its my car and my choice.

First was my Veilside C2 Drag Spoiler, very rare in aus, only 3 in the country :slight_smile:

L.E.D 3rd brake light (drag wing covered my old one) … fd14be.jpg

Decided to throw some Kumho KU36 tyres on the back to aid traction too. My silver wreck has a Twin turbo engine which we compression tested and came out very healthy so that engine will be going into my car.

Current parts list i have ready to drop in:
VG30DETT - all 6 cylinders good, 145,000km
Top Feed Fuel Rail
800cc E85 safe Injectors
KLS Front Mount Intercooler (580x280x100)
Standard turbos highflowed by GCG with GT2560R(S15 T28) cores.
Ported Turbo Manifolds
Ported Dump Pipes
Knock Detection light + Sensor

Bits coming soon:
Wideband 02 sensor + Air/fuel Ratio Gauge
NIStune ECU + Software
Sniper Wet Nitrous Kit - For the drags
Walbro 460LPH E85 Fuel Pump
Mickey Thompson ET Streets - For the drags
TwinZ Rear Diffuser
Gloss Black Liquid Wrap

Have loads of spares:
VG30DETT Longblock - Arias Oversized forged pistons, shotpeened conrods, arp rodbolts
VG30DETT Cylinder heads - Will rebuild and put HD valvesprings in
Lowered Springs
Go Fast Bits Megasonic Bov’s
Extra NA & TT Fuel Pumps

In the end i am aiming to run a 10 second pass one day :slight_smile:

Not sure about the nos idea if you plan to drive on the roads. The t28s cranked up to 20psi could probably get you into a comfortable 11sec pass using slicks. These engines are underrated because of the maintenance issues, do it once do it right is best applied :slight_smile: