Nerucci Motors Corporation

Nerucci, often referred to as Nero and formally referred to as Nerucci Motors Corporation is Italian sports car manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy. Founded by Davide Nerucci (1927-2004) and Maximilian Gunther (1919-1991) in 1953 from Maximilian Gunther Racing Team (MGRT), the company build it’s first car in 1953 and produced it’s first Nerucci-badged car in 1958.

Racing History

Nerucci Motors Company has been present throughout most motorsports racing through history. Most notably it’s participation in AES Endurance Series from 1962 till present. Nerucci Motors company has been racing under Maximilian Gunther Racing Team for well over decades. In 1975 Davide Nerucci along with Maximilian Gunther established a sub division under MGRT, Nerucci Squadra Corse. Nerucci Squadra Corse aim is to increase the performance and the quality of Nerucci cars through motorsport racing. Nerucci Squadra Corse is also a sister for MGRT to develop young and amateur level racers to their full potential and promote them to MGRT.

Venti Competizione at the AES 24 hours under MG Racing Retech.


Maximilian Gunther Racing Team at AES

Nerucci 220m Driven by Lorenzo Segreto


We at Nerucci Motors Corporation are proud to announce our new release of hypercar, the all new Venti Trifecta!


To be fair, the Trifecta’s exterior and interior design are… not the best, especially by early-2020s standards, but I sense that you are getting somewhere, with styling cues that evoke a C8 crossed with a 488 (at least from the front). However, for this era and class of car, styling (both inside and out) is generally much more complex, with very heavy use of 3D fixtures (especially body molding for the exterior). Moreover, the interior is also a good starting point to develop further, but the shape of the rear view mirrors is generally too square for the Mako body set (which you are using by the look of things). Finally, the rear wing doesn’t look like an era-correct item, and should be replaced with one that is.

Overall, it’s not a bad design, but it leaves much to be desired (or improved).

As for the engineering aspect, what engine and gearbox did you use, and how much power and torque does it make? Also, is it RWD or AWD? I’m guessing it’s the former.

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Yeah I’m still learning, been busting my head out, i actually scraped the Trifecta and was going to make a hypercar that looks more like the Aston Valkyrie, but i scraped that one too, i think I’ll try for another one

2023 Venti Trifecta Reimagined

After much consideration, the design team at Nerruci Motors Corp. decided that the Venti Trifecta’s design was outdated by today’s standard. The designing team took the chance to redesign the Trifecta to make it a more appealing car by today’s standard. The redesign took long and glooming days to finish but the design team at Nerruci are able to do so. We present to you, 2023 Venti Trifecta Reimagined.

Equipped with the NV8 - 4LR, a 4-liter Twin-Turbocharged engine producing 840-bhp and 925-Nm of torque, the Trifecta are able to achieve a top speed of 400 kph and a 0-100 kph in 2.7 seconds and 0-200 in 7 seconds.


That’s more like it. It would not be much of a stretch to create a racing variant out of it, considering how much better it looks now.

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