New Beta Testers Needed (Dec 2012)

[size=150]Update (12th Dec): Thread Closed, Emails Coming Today[/size]

I thank everyone in here for their application, if you either haven’t received a PM with the two questions, or you haven’t answered them yet, it is too
late now. I have sent out a confirmation PM/email to all who “passed” and will make it into the beta. An email with the details on how to proceed
will be sent out today to the address you’ve signed up with to these forums.

The beta testing subproject starts on the 14th, and you will gain access to the beta forum today (12th) to read up on the rules and get set up in our
testing structure that is the POMMS system. Also, if you aren’t already, I’d like you to become expert engine designers in the latest (public) version,
as we will start out with some scenario balancing and need your skills there.

The thread is now locked.

[size=150]New Testers Needed[/size]

We have made some great progress on the engine designer and are about to release (on 5th December) the next major update that is the Revamp.
Right thereafter we will start marching towards our next main goal: “Forced Induction & Advanced Test Mode”, which will mark the end of a
long series of Engine Designer updates.

For this next goal/subproject we will need some new blood in the testing team and this is a call for new beta tester candidates. Now if you think we
run the normal “join, fool around, put away” beta like most other studios, you are mistaken…

[size=150]The Testing System[/size]

We are working in a new system nicknamed POMMS (Project-Oriented Modular Motivational System) in which you are given “points” that add to your
“power level” for all the work you do for the team. Tested a scenario? Gives a point. Reported a bug? Gives a point. Completed a quest on the quest
board? Could give many points! While you are required to achieve a certain number of points to stay in the testing team, those that exceed
expectations will be rewarded accordingly (will get their place in the game credits and receive a special forum status).

You are required to do (on average) about 1h of testing per week (4 points per week) during at least a 8-16 week long period (one subproject).
If your power level was one of the best among the testers during that round, your score is reset and your name will make it into the game credits.
Score carries over between subprojects if not reset, so someone who does solid work reaching minimum score over several subprojects WILL make
it into the reward ranks eventually.

[size=150]So Here is the Deal[/size]

]You have preordered Automation./:m]
]You are willing to follow the rather strict testing rule set and work on bug hunting, engine testing as well as new scenarios./:m]
]You are willing to document your findings in a detailed fashion in the tools provided (Pivotal Tracker & Online Balancing Spreadsheets)./:m]
]You know that “testing” does not mean “just playing around” and is not fun all the time./:m]
]You can spend more than on average 1 hour per week on testing./:m][/ul]

]Write one post in this thread why you are interested in taking part in this./:m]
]If we deem your application both reasonable and sincere, I’ll PM you 2 questions you’ll need to answer./:m]
]If your answers are satisfactory you will be accepted into the beta and welcomed to the team./:m][/ul]

If you like the sound of this, you are most welcome to post down below! Also, be honest. We don’t need people that just play around. Your help
would be greatly appreciated, and will make Automation a better product in the end - and the consequences of that should be to everyone’s

This invitation to join the testing team will remain open until the Wednesday the 12th of December. Post before then to be considered. :slight_smile:


I’ve enjoyed beta testing across the years, since breaking things comes naturally. Mostly MMRPGs, I must have helped break over a dozen across the years, though some never were released commercially. I’m talking closed ‘real’ betas with bug reports and game stopping crashes here, not just PR betas like they do these days.
I’m a lapsed programmer and occasional modder. I did the initial LGNPC - Seyda Neen for Morrowind because I thought the npcs were botched and wanted to prove they could be more interesting. I tend to find bugs and gripe about design choices, so if the goal is hearing how polished the game is, you don’t want me around. I am old and grumpy! Don’t worry whether you pick me or not I’ll be happy to gripe after release too.


I would be very happy for an opportunity to help testing Automation and help this project go forward as it’s one of the most innovative and progressive project this genre has seen in a very long time, if not ever.

I have a decent degree of experience from Beta-testing both in present titles such as World of tanks and past titles both mainstream and indie. As a complete car-and-tech nut with both experience, education and interest in engine mechanics and vehicle design i would be very happy to contribute with any time and knowledge i might posess.

Regards - Raticon

I would like to sign up because i really want to support you guys, and i like the idea of this game.
I am capable of testing 1 to 2 hours a week.
I am kind of an gearhead so my car knowledge will be fine.
I have experience with java.
I have beta tested : World of Warplanes , Windows 8 and Garrysmod 13

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

I would like to be a beta tester for Automation as it combines the two things that matter to me most in life - Cars and Games. I currently study Computer Games Programming at University, and I am used to rigourous testing and writing up of reports by deadlines. I would love to help test the game as I really enjoy exploring all the possibilities and being on the bleeding edge, and as a gamer and massive petrolhead, Automation is something I have been waiting for as long as I can remember. I already spend many hours a week playing the game, so I would be playing it a lot.


I would like to sign up as a beta tester because this is one of the best games I’ve ever played and I want to help as much possible in making this game the best car company tycoon ever. I have a deep interest in cars and would love to make an accessible game for people who don’t have such an interest. I have never been on a beta team, but would love to have the experience, I can play many hours through-out the week, and document all of my findings. Usually when I play games, especially in the testing phase, I try very unique approaches, finding a few bugs that are not normally found.

Thanks for the consideration and for such a great game,

I would love the opportunity to be a beta tester for this game. I play this game on a regular basis so time will not be a problem. I am great at documentation and I am sure that I could be of some help to you guys. I have waited for a game like this to become under development for a very long time and now that there is one and one as good as this one, I am very excited about this game and would love to be a part in this. Video games are something that I have always wanted to be involved in and I think that this would be the best way to start.

Regards - Water77

i would love to help. i have never done beta testing before but i want to start doing it. i have technical engine experience especially in i4 engines and some in v8’s. my dad is a well known engine tuner in South Africa and can also help me on how to test certain things. i just finished school and i have a lot of time on my hands. i have got a great passion for engines and racing. i do racing myself. i would love to help to finish this game for i fell in love with it. i play this game allot in a weeks time, so to say 3 hours a week.

removed email /Killrob

I would love to help with this game in any way I can and I see this as a perfect way to be able to.

I have a schedule that is quite set in stone that leaves me with lots of free time. I work technical support at a small software company, and they are pretty open about letting us do whatever as long as we get our work done that is assigned to us (in all honesty, I spend about 5 hours of my work day just surfing the internet or playing automation…it’s a stressful job :unamused: ).

Anyways, I am going to school for mechanical engineering and currently in my free time if I am not playing around in automation I am using Autodesk Inventor to design engines. I use to hold a paid internship at a small medical startup company (it was a company of about 5 or 6, I bailed out when the guy who hired me in told me they were going under,) I was hired in as a CAD jockey/design consultant. I can’t disclose anything I helped design there, but I had to work a lot with designers and engineers as well as give and receive a TON of design feedback. Very cool job, just too bad it didn’t take off.

I would love to be a Beta tester for this game because I have a huge interest in cars and video games, so this one fits perfectly!
I am currently in school for computer programming specializing in software development.
I have a huge amount of free time as I am just going to school, so I would be willing to dedicate 5+ hours a day if selected.
I am a Beta tester for World of Warplanes, War Thunder, and a handful of other small games.
My background is the military where I have spent 4+ years in.

Thank you,

i would like to be a beta test if at tall possable my only downfall is my spelling not the best but othere that i spent a good 4-5 hours on my pc at a time. i never beta tested before but i am willing to learn and my main goal in wanting to be a beta test for the game is to hel pthis game become the best there is.

Hello there,

I pre-ordered this game just to have an opportunity for Beta-Testing a game like this!

I am very pernickety about perfection - If I see something wrong with an item, feature or aspect, I will point it out - Whether you like it or not!

I have Beta-Tested other games (Heard of World of Tanks?) and am currently looking to do something mentally strenuous with my free time.

I should be able to offer at least 5 hours a week, possibly up to 15 a week for Beta-Testing. I am very thorough and discerning when analysing something, and can offer greatly in-depth feedback on even the most mundane aspects of what I am testing.

Thank You,

The Comet.

Passionate gearhead with years of experience building engines, racecars, and moding vehicles.

I am a web developer by day, so I am well versed in code testing, error and but reporting and finding ways to break (mostly web) applications.

I’m interested in beta testing for a few reasons.

First and foremost I want to see and be involved in the evolution of one of the most unique and interesting games I have ever seen. Automation is a huge undertaking and I ultimately want to see it succeed.

Second, I’m a huge arm chair automotive dyno geek. Ever since I discovered engine analyzer pro and drag analyzer I spend over the years without exaggeration over 1000 hours designing and modifying engines and cars. I’m easily willing to spend 100s of hours testing, analyzing and documenting.

I look forward to helping in anyway possible.

Thank you,


I would like to sign up for beta testing because:

I can put in three hours each night, I have knowledge on engines, eq’s, and bug testing, I have a working computer that runs Automation exquisitely, and my school supports me to test, document, and get feedback from other car enthusiasts and kids from each age group on how they think you guys can improve the game.
As far as documentation goes, I will keep a Google document logging each and every move I make that relates to Automation and discoveries I make that may help Automation in any way.


I would like an opportunity to help improve the game. I love playing the game and every time there is a new update i spend hours playing with what is new. I have built many engines in real life and like implementing what i have learned into the game. I would be willing to spend a lot of time testing at least 5+ a week. I really do enjoy Automation and would love a part at helping make this game, the game that is meant to be. Thanks.


I would like to be a game tester because I can test your game on diferrent PCs and find bugs easiely. I have a very powerful PC and I can spend hours playing the game, even if I only have to find bugs. I have a lot of experience in bugs.

On the other hand, I didn’t preorder Automation for now (but I will). I can just work on bugs and setup a very detailled report.

I have Skype, Steam and GMail, I’m always connected to Skype and sometimes on Steam.

Beta testing sounds pretty interesting. I can easily commit to 5-10 hours a week (probably more if I continue to be unemployed :cry: ).

I haven’t done any beta testing before but I’ve spent a number of years as a mechanic and auto enthusiast. I’m mainly interested in creating replicas of real life engines and that has been how I’ve spent the bulk of my time with the demo. My background as a mechanic and working in various machine shop and production facilities has been mainly centered around quality control, I would assume that the basic skillset is similar to what a beta tester for software would need.

I’m currently the creative and more handsome half of We’re slowly growing and regardless of my beta testing status we’re going to be devoting some time to Automation coverage as the game progresses.


I would like to become part of your QA team.
I’m a 1st year game programming student. I don’t have much experience in testing yet, but this is a great entry-point. :wink:
I’m aware that QA testing can be very tough, stressful and boring sometimes, but I will succeed in doing the job.
Another reason for applying is that this fits both my interests in game development and cars.
Weekly, I have about 3 hours of free time for testing the game.
I’ll do my best to let you guys make a great game, which is already an achievement in life.


Hi, I’m David

I would love to be a part of the beta test team! I am very knowledgeable about computers and familiar with software programming. Cars have always been a passion of mine since I was young. I know a lot about cars, specifically the automotive industry, but i still know my way around under the hood. I have never been in a beta test before, but, I believe that I would prove to be a valuable part of the team if accepted. I also have a variety of computers I could test on. They range from high performance AMD based gaming machines to modest Intel powered laptops.

Feel free to message me with any other questions you may have.

Thank You for your time.