New company Conquest Motors LLC

[size=150]Conquest motors design catalog[/size]
Conquest Motors has begun production on its new line up for the 2014 season! CM LLC will have an extensive line up ranging from ECO friendly hatchbacks all the way up to track dominating super cars.

Current cars in production
Orbit 5 Door Hatchback
Pheonix GT Entry level sports car
SX4 Sports Sedan

Upcoming cars

Chassis Codes

Hatch back: HB
Sports car: SPC
Luxury Sedan: LXS
Super car: SPRC
Sports Sedan: SPS

Drive type
Front wheel drive:FWD
Rear wheel drive: RWD
All Wheel Drive: AWD

Company info
Conquest Motors was started in 2014 in the month of June. Here at CM we strive to bring our customer the best of all worlds ranging from daily ECO friendly commuters to untamed, fire breathing, Twin Turbo V8 monsters. As the company has just launched its first platform we will be offering our new ECO friendly Orbit 5 door hatch back and our upcoming enrty level RWD sports car which will be making an appearance very soon!

[size=150]Hatch back line up [/size]
[size=150] Orbit [/size]

Drive type: FWD
Body style: HB 5 Door
Engine: 2.0 Liter (1998 C.C.) SOHC Inline 4cyl, 134HP @ 6200RPM - 137TQ @ 3700RPM, 6700 RPM redline. 40.9 MPG ( 5 Speed trans )
Weight:1940.8 LB
Top speed: 134.6 MPH, 0-60 time: 7 sec, 1/4 mile time: 15.20 @ 96 MPH

[size=150]Sports car line up[/size]

Conquest Motors LLC is proud to introduce its new entry level sports car the Pheonix GT!

[size=150]Pheonix GT[/size]
Drive type: RWD
Body style: SPC
Engine: 3.4 liter ( 3378 C.C. ) DOHC Inline 6 Turbo charged engine - 352HP @ 6300RPM - 327TQ @ 4100RPM - 6300RPM redline - 27.9MPG - 6 Speed trans
Weight: 2739.8 lbs
Top speed: 150.5 MPH, 0-60 time: 4.90 sec, 1/4 mile time: 12.80 @ 118 MPH

[size=150]Sports Sedan line up[/size]

Drive type: AWD
Body style: SPS
Engine: 4.3 Liter ( 4330 C.C. ) Twin Turbo V8 - 476HP @ 6700RPM - 431TQ @ 5000RPM - 6500RPM Redline - 17.6MPG - 6 Speed trans
Weight: 2983.7 LBS
Top speed: 181.2 MPH, 0-60 time: 3.20 sec, 1/4 mile time: 11.10 @ 129MPH

with so many grilles and vents and “only” 334hp, the engine must get really cold under the bonnet :stuck_out_tongue: But anyway, nice job. I really like the rear end! And i’m sure the car will get a more powerful engine too, right? :slight_smile:

lol yeah the car is getting a larger engine, well actually its the same engine just twin turbo. The engine in the car now is actually a replicated LS1 so it will have plenty of power in final form, its low on power ATM due to it being a “stock” LS1 build. also im thinking about removing some vents off of the bumper, not so sure how i feel about it. This was just the first draft of it lol. Im still getting the hang of designing in game.

Soooo many ventsssss :laughing:

It’s a nice car, i hope it gets a more powerful engine (although 334 HP are already good :slight_smile: ).

[quote=“LoucurasdoPortal”]Soooo many ventsssss :laughing:

It’s a nice car, i hope it gets a more powerful engine (although 334 HP are already good :slight_smile: ).[/quote]

thanks, ive kinda put it on the back burner atm due to actually starting to design some normal cars for my new company which are posted above, but many more are coming!

The SX4 looks very good!

Get that MPG better with the Orbit, my Proxima RE can get to 48mpg with the 1500cc turbo engine making 203hp (even though turbos have a big advantage, since the N/A luxury version weighing 2500lbs gets barely 50 (with 110hp)

Thanks man! im fresh at this game so im still learning how to make a decent looking car haha!

I will go back and look at it haha. i may end up making a small displacement and boosting it, who knows.

are you guys both talking about US mpg or UK mpg? sorry if that’s annoying to ask, but it does make a difference. For instance, the most economical version of my probably-best-selling hatchback, the Mantis with the 1.6L 125hp I4T, will do 66.8mpg (US) which equates to 80.2mpg (UK) and that really is a pretty significant difference.

We are talking about US MPG, because 40MPG in UK is horribly bad for everything that isn’t a huge luxury sedan or a sportscar, in US it’s a lot better

My Most Economical hatch the Rolev Invis Has a 1.2T I4 with 110hp and in does 45,8mpg :slight_smile:

Damn i like that sx4. really fast too. Great car