New Riget Showroom and Dealer

Riget was an automobile development company founded in 2016 because the founder wanted something to do in Automation the Car Company Tycoon Game. In 2016, Riget closed to due to how engines were named. This meant vehicles developed early in Automation the Car Company Tycoon Game were limited in engine types. As a result, Riget was replaced with New Riget. New Riget will create one engine for each automobile to prevent having to close due to how engines were named using the money earned by Riget.
I. basic interior
a. six way seat base adjustment or no seat base adjustment
b. no rubber floor mats or one rubber floor mat per seat
c. thin flat plastic door covers or thin wood door covers
2. standard interior
a. glossy plastic dashboard cover or vinyl dashboard cover
b. plastic interior surface covers or cloth interior surface covers
3. premium interior
a. leather-trimmed door cards, suede-trimmed door cards, or woodgrain-trimmed door cards
b. high-quality plastic interior surfaces, soft cloth interior surfaces, or leather interior surfaces
4. sport interior
a. heavily-sculpted aluminum race bucket seats, fiberglass race bucket seats, or carbon fiber race bucket seats
b. high-quality leather seat trim, cloth seat trim, or suede seat trim
c. cloth interior surface trim or suede interior surface trim
d. aluminum interior surface accents or carbon fiber interior surface accents
5. luxury interior
a. leather and woodgrain trimmed door cards, aluminum trimmed door cards, or piano black trimmed door cards
b. woodgrain dashboard fixtures, aluminum dashboard fixtures, or piano black dashboard fixtures
c. leather interior surface trim or suede interior surface trim