New Smartphone

Now I continue to use the ASUS ZB500 KL smartphone with 16 GB of RAM. However, during this time the battery managed to deteriorate, and the new Chinese also did not have a large capacity. Now it is starting to become hopelessly outdated.
Can you tell me which one is best to take, taking into account the ultra-budget options, but also to match the mandatory standards of our time?

It is important for me to have a battery of at least 5000 amper and more as possible,

The display size is approximately 5 inches.
And if you choose more, is it convenient for reading up close?

And ideally, I would like something exclusive, and not that I would be identified with the SWAG style.

Not necessary for games.

I would say either a Samsung or an Apple could work, though there are other options like Motorola or Lenovo.

This is something that I’ve found

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With little detail you’ve provided it’s difficult to recommend anything specific. Are there any priorities (other than the battery)? Specified budget?

Also, lol, that Asus has 16 GB of internal memory, not RAM :smile:

As for the screen size - my previous phone had a 4,7" screen, the current one has 6". My mom has a… 6,7-6,8" one? Anyway, even despite my perfect eyesight the larger screen is just more convenient for reading, though the width of that 6" is basically the maximum for one hand usage for me - that is equivalent to about 6,5" in phones with more modern screen proportions IIRC.

Yes, the fact is that my perfect smartphone does not exist.

Because my ideal characteristics are:

  1. The screen is 5 - 5.5 inches, and definitely no more than 6 inches.
  2. Battery from 6000 to 9000 mah
  3. Camera from 12 to 48 megapixels
  4. 1 - 3 cameras in front, without salfy.
  5. Wide side edges to eliminate the effect of random presses.
  6. Mandatory outputing 3 buttons to the lower panel - desirabely, you can click on it.
  7. Volume control buttons and photo shutter.
  8. A rigidly structured operating system, preferably not android. And if android, then 11 or 13 version, as I avoid the number 12.
  9. The screen IPS 60 - 120 flicker.
  10. Storage 64 gygabyte minimum.
  11. The ability to install applications on a memory card.
  12. Integrated keyboard with a custom T9 and a dictionary, for quick sending messages.
  13. RAM from 4 GB.
  14. Cool appearance, bright color, so as not to seek for a long time.
  15. The price is up to $230, since it is considered more expensive than the budget segment.
  16. Full control all notifications and vibrations, to turn them off.

I did find the appropriate smartphones for my requests:

In the era of frameless smartphones, it was quite difficult to find suitable options, especially given the fact that older models are leaving the market.

Smartphone Parameters:

  1. The screen is 5.9 – 6.3 inches – estimately

  2. Battery 4000 – 8000 more is better

  3. Android at least 9.0

  4. Camera 12 – 13 megapixels – 50 megapixels – it makes little sense for such optics more than 13 MP

  5. Power buttons on the side

  6. Sensor button on the side

  7. Preferably large speakers and good sound

  8. Preferably stereo sound

  9. Minimum 4/64 GB, estimately 6/128

  10. Preferably 2 cameras from the rear

  11. Preferably 3 convenient buttons at the bottom at the large bottom strip

  12. Video stabilization is desirable

  13. Preferably a pixel density of 270 - 380 dots per inch

  14. Preferably a recessed camera, bumpiness absense when it lying down

  15. Preferably a flat cover

  16. Preferably a replaceable battery

  17. The price is up to 16,000 rubles, estimately 10,000 rubles or $179 - 112.

  18. Preferably charging via Micro USB

  19. The size of the smartphone is no more than 76.0 mm wide, 166.0 mm high, no less than 8.4 mm and no more than 10 mm in thickness. Estimately: 72 - 75 mm x 154 - 160 mm x 8.4 - 9.4 mm

  20. The ratio of the battery to the screen is at least 2600 mAh / 5 inches = 520, max 1200

Interesting Variants:

8/10 points Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro 4/64 GB Smartphone, Dual nano SIM, Red

8/10 points Xiaomi Redmi 6 4/64GB Pink (Pink) Global Rom

2/10 points Smartphone OPPO A78 8/256GB

8/10 points OPPO A96 4G Smartphone 6/128 GB

9/10 points Xiaomi Red 8A 4/64 GB

10/10 points Xiaomi POCO M5s Smartphone 4/128 GB EN

8/10 points Xiaomi Red Note 11 6+64G Smartphone

8/10 Vivo T1 points

6/10 points Xiaomi Redmi 7 4/64 GB CN, Black

8/10 points Xiaomi Red Note 5 6/128 GB

2/10 points Xiaomi Red Note 8 4/64 GB

10/10 points HTC Wildfire E2 Black Smartphone

9/10 points OUKITEL C21 Pro smartphone, Dual nano SIM

8/10 points Xiaomi Red Note 5 6/128 GB

10/10 points Nokia g42 4/128gb, low pixel density, exceeding the height limit by 6 mm, still climbing into the jeans pocket

1/10 points Nokia g50 4/128gb, over-sized for one-handed use, extremely low pixel density and low resolution

There are no bonus points, so there are compromises everywhere.