New tuning house: JS Performa open for business!

Hello everyone.

Is with great pleasure I’m announcing that JS Performa is finally open for your tuning needs!

JS Performa specializes in street tuning, both visual (Exterior/ Interior) and performance ( Engine and Drivability) We only accept stock cars.

Thank you for your time! Hope to see you soon!

JS - Founder.


[ If you want to participate on this project this is how i’m doing, you can reply with the car file or PM me the car file, I’ll create a folder with the car name and place the tuning version alongside the original for you to get it on a cloud service (probably Dropbox or Drive), and I’ll respond with a “before / after” in this post (proper credits will be given obviously), Also for each tuned car I’ll create a post on the Automation Subreddit ]

PS: The tuning process can take a few days, going all out for each car also if you have a tuning request just PM with what you have in mind and I’ll try my very best.

Dropbox Link:


Every respectable shop have its humble beginnings. Here’s yours.

It’s worth nothing, so go as wild as you’d like, put your shop on the map.

Also, your folder is blocked, so here’s the file. (176.8 KB)


Thank you! our first customer! we’ll start right at work.

[Thanks for pointing about the blocked dropbox, i think i got it public now ]

Hey, saw the project and I feel like it’s pretty interesting, so here’s a task: do whatever you want with this car. And yes, I sent it here because for some reason I cant upload the files via Box (its not Dropbox lol), maybe try another service?
Thanks. (68.3 KB)

This project sounds very interesting. I’ll give you free reign over this car much like gt500 and Android, but I think that something like VIP-style (bippu) or a sleeper would be interesting.

Thanks, and I’ll be looking forward to see what you’ll make out of all these cars. (152.6 KB)

Thank you guys! will be a pleasure doing this to your cars =)

[ Gonna reavaluate the dropbox thing…but probably gonna change to google Drive ]

As an alternative, you could even accept other users’ cars via PM if you want to…

The original idea was after i’ve done the tuning the participans could just get their tunned car on a repo, i can for the time being just PM the tuned version

Hello, JS Performa here
Our first costumer project is finally done!
The owner gave us complete freedom to do what we wanted with the car.

What we decided was something more retro / old school, in the style of the late 70s/ early 80s hothatch European cars.

List of Modifications:


  • New front and back bumper

  • Added a front lip (classic style)

  • New door mirrors

  • Added 2 sets of vents in the back for better engine cooling

  • Added a spoiler (classic style)

  • Added fog lights

  • New set of r14 rims

  • New set of 170 width Sport tyres

  • New and better brake system all around (new vented discs in the front and conversion to vented discs on the back)

  • New Gas Mono-tube suspension - Lowered ride height

  • New under engine tray for protection

  • Added protection to the exhaust tubes

  • New exhaust tip x2

  • Complete body paint: Red “Thamnornis”


  • Fuel system rework - Twin carburetor system
  • Complete exhaust overhaul
  • Compression / Cam Profile / Fuel Mixture and Ignition Timing Tuning for more power
  • RPM limit rised to 6700 RPM
  • All internals are replaced Stock parts (no performance change)

Power: 50.8HP @ 4400 RPM;
Redline: 5.000 RPM;
Compression: 6.5:1;
Top Speed: 159 km/h;
0-100 Km/h: 14.7s;

Power: 73.1HP @ 5800 RPM;
Redline: 6700 RPM;
Compression: 8.6:1;
Top Speed: 182 km/h;
0-100 Km/h: 10.6;

Thank you alot Sir @Marcus_gt500! was a pleasure doing this, hope you like your new ride!! (148.0 KB)


Really nice! Glad you had fun, and the result looks awesome! You could post the car file of the finished car with the pics, so we all can test drive it!

Hello, JS Performa.

We gladly anounce our second project is complete!

With this one the owner wanted something more of a VIP / Sleeper aspect to it
Was not easy to come to a conclusion but what we focused more was in the sleeper aspect and gave more attention to performance than astetics

With that said this is the result! A wolf in sheeps cloths! They will never think you’re boring after passing them in a flash!

List of modifications:


  • Added Spoiler (discrete)
  • New set of r18 rims
  • New set of 230 width Semi Slicks tyres for best possible grip
  • Lowered ride height - sport tunned suspension
  • Reavaluation of the brake system

Engine (oh boy);

  • Complete revision of engine internals for Forged components
  • Dual Turbo charger system installed
  • New Intake system to complement the Turbos
  • Complete Overhaul of the Exhaust system
  • Lots of Engine and Turbo Tunning
  • Replaced the old 4 Gear Automatic Gearbox for a proper 5 Speed Manual one with Tunned ratios

Power: 250.9HP @6200 RPM
Redline: 6500 RPM
Compression 10.0:1
Top speed: 266 km/h
0-100 km/h: 7.14s

Power: 513.1HP @6500 RPM
Redline: 6500 RPM
Compression 10.4:1
Top speed: 314 km/h
0-100 km/h: 5.22s

Many thanks to @S_U_C_C_U_L_E_N_T , hope you enjoy your rocket (97.0 KB)


Sorry, i’ve mistakenly removed the file…i’ve edited with it :slight_smile: thanks alot for your participation, this little car is really fun

Nice! It looks great and it has that sleeper look, but I can’t help but notice that you’re missing a lot of fixtures that were on the original Lucent. For reference, this is what the original Lucent looks like.

I don’t mind the missing fixtures, but I think that your work could be so much better if you had access to more mods. I suggest you to subscribe to Delta’s mod collection, which includes pretty much every mod that’s compatible with the current version of Automation.

Here’s the link to it:

It’s gonna be a big download, but it’s also going to give you many useful fixtures that you can use on future projects. Anyway, nice work on the Lucent, and I hope that this can help you to make better modifications in the future. Cheers!

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I was thinking the same…even with 228 mods active i would still get a warning i was missing fixtures on those cars… i’ve figured it probably was the license plates mods :confused: time to download even more mods!