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New vehicle opinions

Post new vehicle…

Voice your opinion.

I’ll start…

I think its different, looks good…its chasing the Corolla in terms of boldness( the new Elantra in general)…any bigger and it will be a OG Sonata(US spec)…if not already.



Other than being perhaps too aggressively sculpted, I really like this car and would be willing to own one IRL… If I wasn’t going to buy an EV instead, hahaha!

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Very aggressively sculpted for sure!! Which EV do you plan on getting?

It’s more of a hope than a plan at this stage, hahaha, but I want to buy either this:

Hyundai Ioniq

Or this:

Kia Niro EV

Or even this!


Our speed limits are too draconianly enforced here in Australia to bother with fast cars so I’d rather pocket the efficiency savings via EV power and produce less air pollution wherever I go as an added bonus!

TBH, I’d run an EV even if it merely broke even with a IC engine. I’m over having to deal with diesel, petrol and oil on a regular basis and I really like the environmental benefits of using electricity vs fossil fuels. I can also use my car if Australia were to be blockaded because I would get my power from the grid, not petrol, so I would have mobility where fuel rationing would stop me in an ICE car!

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Ohgod the MG

Honestly I think it’s a nice looking car but the simple fact that they stuck an MG badge on it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It just reminds me the old MG is now dead and long gone… rip

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On that note, if SAIC sold the entire MG range under its own name, nobody would notice. Besides, it would be much better if the MG name were consigned to the history books for good instead of being used on a range of Chinese SUVs.

As sad as that sounds, I think that’s probably the best course of action yeah. Unless they plan on making something actually exciting in the future, I see no point in zombifying the brand any further


That shouldnt be called a Civic. I swear this thing is the size of a late 80’s to early 90’s Accord.

How big is this thing going to get??

I say call it something else.

The hatchback version should no longer be treated as such - more like a fastback reminiscent of an Audi A7.

As for the issue of size creep: The Civic is sadly not alone, and in fact all cars have gotten bigger (and usually heavier) over time to accommodate more features (especially safety), so you should get used to it.

I’ve seen this for a long time and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

Very true, the Civic is not alone. I think Honda knew the civic got too big which was probably why/ when they introduced the Fit here in the US.

When you think about it upsizing is an inevitable side effect of each generation being “better” than the last. Faster, safer, more powerful, more comfortable. At some point the improvements become so significant it starts overstepping the older versions of the model above it. So I totally get why it happens.

On the other hand I also hate it. New Civics, 3 series-es, C classes, are now what Accords and 5 series-es and E classes were 2-3 generations ago. ie: what they are now aren’t what comes to mind when you think about those models anymore. The feature creep has gotten to the point where if you want what those models used to represent, what you really need is the model under it.


And frankly, I think that it is kind of pathetic in another way. The Golf grew into Passat size, the Polo into Golf size, so what do they have to do then? Introduce cars like the Lupo, Fox and Up to have a model that slots in below the Polo. Or look at Ford, the Scorpio grew to big so they discontinued it, let the Mondeo take its place, now it is the Mondeo that has been growing too much and is getting axed because most buyers thinks that the Focus is enough…

VW and Ford are far from the only “sinners” here, they are only used as examples.

Another fun thing is that some models aren’t allowed to grow as much as others. If we take Mercedes as an example, they have already tried to make an S-class that was too big with the W140, a mistake I guess they never want to do again. But at the same time, the E-class is more or less the “foundation” in the Mercedes model programme and it will never be allowed to grow into S-class territory either.

So, 50 years ago the Opel Ascona was really in a completely different class compared to the W115 Mercedes (the “E-class” of 1968-76 even though the name was not used back then), while the Opel Insignia is the same size as the current W213 E-class…


Yay or Nay?

Did Nissan do too much or did they do too little?

I think that given how long it’s taken for this to come out, visually the bar has barely moved forward…Ok, I do like the rear end!!

Other than that, I think its cool cause its new but thats about it. Maybe my mind will change once I start seeing these on the road.

To me I find it more ridiculous in a car manufacturers name known as Mini, It’s not even Mini anymore, the Cooper(Latest) is likely the size of the 1-Series, Same with Countryman being about that of the 3-Series. I’m unsure if the 1/3 are similarly sized today giving safety being a thing