Newspaper in campaign?

Sorry, if this question was asked, but I didn’t find any information :slight_smile: So sorry for duplicating an old topic in adcance.

My question is, will there be a newspaper in campaign? For example it could be weekly newspaper.
And newspaper with several sections.

  1. Global news - oil prices, financial crisis, wars, ecology problems, new laws in different countries (which will affect you), etc. It also can have small section of “funny news” (No rainfall in Gobi desert for 10 years, someone constructed a car with muscular power drive, and so on)

  2. Yours and competitors news - new factories, car models, cars which were discontinued, etc

  3. Car reviews - just a fun section for player. Game may choose random demographics group (i.e. Budget city car), random country (i.e. England) and select N cars (currently produced) which fits demographic group the most. Then highlight worst and the best things for every car. (i.e. if car has horrible/worst safety, write something funny about it, or admire if car has the best economy). - it would be fun to read and sometimes quite useful (just to know your’s competitors weak sports).

  4. Used car market - section for fun. The game will post short articles about your company old cars (only your company, no competitors) Like “Selling BMT W3 1992 year, 120000 miles, just for 1200 dollars”. If the game would track cars usage and used car market, than it will be no problem to make such a section in newspaper. At least player would know his mediane price in used car market and can be proud of himself, if some car model being sold for 20 years already :slight_smile: Or become even more proud, if some model became a rare car, which cost more than he asked for it.

So, the question is, will we see something like this? :slight_smile: This things are fun to read. Some games had such newspapers or have components I’ve mentioned.
Detroit had both newspaper and car reviews section (and I loved to read funny articles about mine and competitors cars), “Mad games tycoon” has game review section, Railroad Tycoon had a newspaper, which was quite fun to read, Geopolitical simulator had a huge weekly newspaper, which was fun as well.

If the devs approve, I would love to assist with the content creation. :mrgreen:

for some of the fun articles we should have those pieces were often get where research has proved the bleedin obvious or pointless like
Pretty Women distract men
Scientists calculate Beer Goggles formula (both real research and not april fools)
I collectively name this as more news from “the Institute for Bored Scientists”

I like the idea, especially since some people look at car reviews before making a purchase decision (at least I do). As a gameplay mechanic, the newspaper could also be a loose indicator of how well your car company is doing in a particular region.

I know gearcity has a similar thing.

Their reviews use a fixed format with each gap getting filled depending on how good/bad the car is for that specific stat.

As for the random scientific discoveries, those could be interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if our favorite developer/physicist already knows a few good ones :laughing:

Yeah, one thing that would be in there is the discovery of Cold Fusion… every 3 years. IT WILL CHANGE THE (automotive-)WORLD COMPLETELY!

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I collectively name this as more news from “the Institute for Bored Scientists”[/quote]

IBS? :laughing: