Nishio Automotive Company - Japan - 西尾市

Founded in 1967 in Nishio Japan, Nishio Automotive plans to shake up the automotive market by delivering an affordable and practical product that the people of Japan can enjoy. Currently JDM only, Nishio has its sights set on exporting to the US sometime within the next few years. Nishio values reliability over performance, however a lack of performance does not always mean a lack of fun. Nishio Automotive plans to shake up the automotive industry for quite some time.

The Nishio Royale Out Now! This lovely automobile features 1.6L I4 on BX models (Coupe and Sedan) as well as a 1.7L V6 on LX models (Coupe and Sedan). However the true perfection of this vehicle lies in the elegant styling and practicality to spare. The Nishio Royale delivers practicality on a budget!


Is it just me, or does your picture seem overly grainy, with some of the colour on the top one being rather fucked.

I may have overdone the grain a smidge, edit coming soon. Thanks for the feedback. (Done.)