No boost without intercooler

Tried to make a Autobahn cruiser, with a low boost V-16 (less than 0.5 bar boost)
But the intercooler, size 700+hp on a 500 hp engine (just to reach 100% on the intercooler),
stuck out in front of the grill. There is about 250 to 400 mm space between the intercooler and the engine.
So I removed it, and the engine got 0.0 boost. Increasing the size to approx 170 hp gave some boost.
Looking at the graph “Torque, Boost” the turbos reached 0.3 bar then just went down to 0 within 400-500 rpm.

Is there something with your calculations that is off, or something buggy?

Well, this is one of many reasons why the devs are working on a forced induction revamp :wink:

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does that include Super Chargers?

the forced induction revamp? yes it includes superchargers: roots type, twin screw and centrifugal iirc

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