No Engine sound when lifting off the Throttle in BeamNG

This has been an issue for quite sometime, not sure if its something i have that is wrong, but the cars i export to beamng have no sound when I lift off the throttle to engine brake. The car sound like its in neutral. Its super annoying, feels like im coasting every-time i downshift and not pressing the gas.

Interesting, can you please upload a couple exported cars so we can test if we get the same results? It may be a beamNG volume issue, so a clear cache might help.

I don’t think its a BeamNG volume thing, because others cars that come with BeamNG sound normal with no issues. Bu t i’ll try to clear the cache liek you said maybe thats it.

In the meantime here are some of my latest exports: AutomationBeamNGExports – Google Drive

I cleared BeamNG Cache, I did a Deep Clense, but still the same.