[NO SPAM] It's 2000

Well, it seems like this is my 2000th post! That, is amazing, if I may say so myself. Therefore I want to make it worthwhile.

First off, this is not a total sucking up everyones arses. I just want to show my appreciation and respect to everyone here. If this wasn’t such a great community with nice people (sure we all have our ups and downs) then I would’ve probably been long gone. This community just rocks in whatever it does. We pack together like 1 big family, help eachother with game problems, help each other with modding and learning how to get stuff in game and working and most of all, we all support the great game that is called Automation, made by such great developers that appreciate their community, talk to their community and LISTEN to the their community.

As most of you probably have seen, it’s been a long road already for the developers. They’ve been at it for over 3 years already now, constantly improving the game to what it has become right now.
Here we are, waiting for Steam launch to hit. Let’s just not focus on all the bad things a lot of new players might bring, but on the positive, good things it does. For the developers, it means recognition. They finally will get a big audience recognizing their work and YES THEY DO DESERVE THAT! Another great thing is that they finally get a bigger cashflow. They get the chance to hire an additional programmer and modeller so they can actually improve the game even more and/or finish it at a faster pace. For the community a lot can change and probably will change. We will be those who will need to act like fathers to all those new comers. Let’s give them a warm welcome, as we are the old school members, the first group that’s been there before it turned mainstream. Sure, we are a little priviliged, but we do not need to act that way to all our new comers. Let’s not forget where we came from and how warm the welcome was when you came along here yourself. This is the community I like and I personally would like to keep it that way.

This amazing community also made it possible for me to start a big project, called AutomationHub. A lot of you know about us already, as we provide livestreams at least two times a week and are working on a website for everyone to showcase all their amazing cars and engines. We want to be the Automation Heaven, where you can come by to get everything you need in game, from custom tracks, to replica downloads or guides, tips and tricks. We hope to get our AutomationHub community as thriving as this amazing community right here. Remember that we’ve set up AutomationHub as a community driven project and we need all your warm wishes and activity to keep it running. I will not beg or plead for everyone to pay us, but since it is community driven, we also need donations to stay online. Unfortunately, we are not wealthy enough to run it all from our own money. Therefore, I want to thank everyone who has already donated. It shows a lot of appreciation for the work we put into it and all the money will be reinvested into the AutomationHub project to make the experience even better.

Lastly, I want to say thank you yet again for the 1000th time. Any words can’t express my appreciation for all you folks here. I wish you all the best and let’s continue together full Steam ahead into the future with this amazing game and amazing community.

[size=200]THANK YOU[/size]

Now that’s how you usher in your 2000th post!

very well said Wizzy.

Yay! Meanwhile, it’s my fifth post… Yeah, I’m not much of a forum guy.