Non-Intercooled Turbo engines

Hello all,

So I’ve been on a bit of a car/engine build binge but no actual visual design being done, so I have decided to share one of those creations and maybe offer others to share their similar builds if they have any.

So, onto the build: A non-intercooled 2.2L I4 Turbo

My idea behind it was an undisclosed Gasmean car maker (akin to a real world American one) wanted to get into the small performance car/hot hatch/sports coupe markets, and rather than make a more high strung N/A engine, they took one of their existing inline 4’s and stuck a speed snail to the side of it. A main influence would be the Turbo 4’s that Chrysler made in the 80’s, but I don’t know if they had intercoolers on those engines, but I chose to run this one as non-intercooled to be a bit more different/interesting of a build. And it doesn’t make too bad a number for hp either.

I’d be interested to see other peoples ideas for a non-intercooled turbo engine, and maybe some suggestions for changes for this one. One thought I had was to go from a twin scroll back to a standard geometry turbo, but I’m fairly happy with it apart from that.

So here’s the 3 litre non-intercooled turbo 3 I brought up last night, and since I can now do mutable screenshots in one post now, may as well share my most similar existing engine before I made that one:

Still a lot bigger than yours, yet cost and in many other ways competitive, though does have an intercooler lol!

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