Non-Intercooled Turbo engines

Hello all,

So I’ve been on a bit of a car/engine build binge but no actual visual design being done, so I have decided to share one of those creations and maybe offer others to share their similar builds if they have any.

So, onto the build: A non-intercooled 2.2L I4 Turbo

My idea behind it was an undisclosed Gasmean car maker (akin to a real world American one) wanted to get into the small performance car/hot hatch/sports coupe markets, and rather than make a more high strung N/A engine, they took one of their existing inline 4’s and stuck a speed snail to the side of it. A main influence would be the Turbo 4’s that Chrysler made in the 80’s, but I don’t know if they had intercoolers on those engines, but I chose to run this one as non-intercooled to be a bit more different/interesting of a build. And it doesn’t make too bad a number for hp either.

I’d be interested to see other peoples ideas for a non-intercooled turbo engine, and maybe some suggestions for changes for this one. One thought I had was to go from a twin scroll back to a standard geometry turbo, but I’m fairly happy with it apart from that.

So here’s the 3 litre non-intercooled turbo 3 I brought up last night, and since I can now do mutable screenshots in one post now, may as well share my most similar existing engine before I made that one:

Still a lot bigger than yours, yet cost and in many other ways competitive, though does have an intercooler lol!


Hey, so, I started looking into the engines you said yours was based on and thought I’d try the 175 hp “Turbo II” variant since one of the cars in a game I played has it and it does have an intercooler.

It’s kind of worrying to try given it’s meant to have both more compression (8.5) and boost (12 psi) than yours and yet less torque at just 175 lb-ft, thankfully there’s a 200 lb-ft version but still worrying lol!

Update edit

It’s been made and can be found in my thread: Ray_V0lut10n's engines thread - #31 by Ray_V0lut10n

Non-intercooled version with TBI instead of PFI of my Turbo II recreation running on Regular 91:

Has +3 quality and tech pool on all but Turbo.