Noporian's Carless Garage (R.I.P Rover 75 & MercEGGes)

So after asking the forum a million times is that car good is this car good I finally found a car that I instantly fell in love with. I’ve been looking at getting one for a long, long time and I’m really happy to finally have made the purchase. Also had to wait a couple days to have the dealer get the rear door to open properly so posting this over a week late but ho cer.

Yep, I actually went and bought a 1999 Rover 75!

I actually had asked about that in the dumb questions thread probably over a year ago already and at that time I was thinking of the one with the V6 but considering that engine I really didn’t feel like dealing with the belt situation.

What is it specifically?

  • Make: Rover
  • Model: 75
  • Year: 1999
  • Spec: Classic
  • Engine: 1.8 Petrol
  • Colour: Dark Green (my favourite)
  • Interior: Cream
  • Mileage: Way too much

And let me tell you I have never been this satisfied with a car in my life. Sure it’s nothing special it’s basically a 3-series in nostalgic clothing but I still love it because it’s unique! I’m not a super-sporty driver (in Finnish weather I don’t want to be) so for me it’s just perfect. But you can really notice what it’s based on when you drive it, it’s a very “sure” driving experience that gives you confidence, the steering wheel feels directly connected to the wheels, goes where you point it, hydraulic clutch, proper car.

Personally I’ve always liked the design and importantly the interior too (since that’s where you sit) which imo has aged very well compared to for example the Jag S-type which this has been compared to a lot.

I was supposed to go look at a bunch of other cars to buy but I won’t lie, even before I actually went out to see them out of my list this spoke out to me the most, and to find out it was actually dark green (it looked blue in the pictures because of lighting) which is my favourite colour? Bought it immediately.

This was a nice example despite the way too high mileage (don’t even ask) since I’m only the second owner (I ran a background check), it was previously driven by an old man since buying it new and the car has no odors, no stains, no rust (well a bit but at this age and it’s only like a 150€ job), no scratches and all the trim is in place (that’s probably because this is from under BMW, not one of those alkemy ones), ended up paying just a bit past 2000€ for it too so unless I wanted a VW Bora or a PT cruiser there was really nothing else at this price point.

The dealer was this shop that sold and fixed solely british cars and the lot was filled with Freelanders and 75s. The guy who owned the place showed us the car and he was really nice. Didn’t try to sell the car at all but just was really friendly and helpful, he was this stereotypically british looking above middle-aged guy who went on and on about his daughter’s MG and his sons Jaguar and it was kind of adorable. He seemed really happy that a younger guy was interested in a Rover.

|PHOTO HERE - Dash with cassette in|

(Sidenote: I don’t like aftermarket players cause they ruin design and there’s no such thing as a cd adapter so a cassette player was really what I was looking for too cause I already have a cassette adapter.)

All in all I’m glad of my purchase and glad I now once more have a car that I’m interested in, that I don’t buy just because it’s reliable or just because it wins me cool points, I just love it.

(Will have better interior pics soon as well forgot to take those today)


Absolutely maximum correct sir, well done.

Edit for expansion: Early pre-Project Drive car, proper boot plinth, torpedo badges, correct colour, correct interior, proper engine, you have bought well my friend. Don’t worry about the high mileage - as the previous owner of a 1.8 Classic SE with high miles and a self healing engine, so long as you look after it it will br grand and it looks in bloody good nick to begin with.

Also hey, this is no 3 series in disguise. This is far better than that. :wink:


Wonderful :slight_smile: And were they made in any other colour anyway? :wink: Seriously, I’ve never seen one other than dark green, I don’t even recall such on the internet photos :smiley:



The lot had one broken down one with a cream/early2000’smcdonaldsturquoise interior and a autumns day grey exterior, wondered what kind of monster would get that combo.

@adamd Precisely, but seriously I was really surprised that the only real sign of use in the whole car was the slightly jiggly front door clearly used as support by the elderly and slightly cracked leather on the gear stick sheath

Well firstly, I would like to congratulate you on buying a good ass car. Despite what people would like you to think, these are seriously good cars, and there really is nothing fundamentally wrong with them.
Without writing a whole essay here, it sounds like you bought it from a good place, and judging by the fact that you refuse to disclose the mileage, I’ll assume its like over 100k or something and that it will have had the headgasket done. The 75 really isn’t very BMW-y at all, it has a few bits like the rear brake design and the stupid fuel filter/pump placement, but it’s mostly its own original design.
The most important thing that I’ll say to you for you to keep in mind is KEEP AN EYE ON THE COOLANT. The 1.8 K-Series is a brilliant engine, but the head gasket, as everyone knows, was its downfall. It’s not a huge issue, especially if it’s been sorted before (the odds of it going again after being properly fixed are super slim) but nonetheless you need to keep an eye on the coolant, especially considering you’re in a place as cold as Finland. Make sure you ONLY run red OAT coolant, no water, no green stuff, nothing. Red.
If you ever have any questions about anything with it, ask Adam or myself (a fellow “old man’s car” owner). I hope you’re able to enjoy many miles of motoring in this thing, and remember, fuck what other people think!


You mean something like this interior?


If so that’s got some personal line bits on, proper rare stuff man.

Basically that but the inside part of the seats/the whole seat was also turquoise leather, for some reason like 1/4 75s in this country have that combo.

@Microwave Thanks! The dealer actually told me about the coolant and a couple other things to keep in mind, also bothered to change the timing belt fresh and take it for an mot, well appreciated.

Neat. I recently bought a 1995 Maxima for similar reasons. That 2.0L V6 is an engineering marvel, all the performance of a four cylinder with all the drawbacks of a V6. Don’t care though, somehow this underpowered boat puts a smile on my face like few others have managed.


May your retirement be enjoyable. In all seriousness, nice car. I don’t know how you lot keep finding cars this clean.

Oh, I really like these a lot. And yes, I think I’ve seen more people confuse this for a Jaguar that recognize it for a Rover…

Afaik, The BMW ownership basically just meant that Rover had money to spend on development. I’m pretty sure that technically, it has precious little in common with the 3 series, so you have got yourself a genuine Rover :slight_smile:

It does have a fair bit in common - it’s just not a re-done 3 series as the myths suggest. As you say the car was actually developed properly and is it’s own chassis, but suspension/rear axle was made from BMW bits (complete with daft handbrake design) and much of the electrical systems were BMW bits, as was the diesel engine they used, albeit largely improved by Rover and Steyr in it’s day.

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A long time pass by and only one mention of Head gasket?! Amazing!

I wouldn’t be embarrass by high mileage number, actually. I see them as a bit of a badge of honour. And especially with this car, having a lot of kilometers will more likely means the head gasket will likely to have been remedied.



We all know the 75 was basically a MINI underneath.

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Update time!

A full month of ownership later and I have notes:

  • The gearbox needs a bit of manhandling but it’s also good because I’ve tried to change gears without the clutch and it locks if you try it so good for my forgetful ass
  • Takes corners surprisingly well at higher speeds
  • Drove it on snowy ice today, gave me confidence, no slip
  • Still not used to the hydraulic clutch, stalled it a couple times but unlike some other cars cough cough jaguar x-type you can just start it up immediately again without issues
  • Turns out if you put the rear seats down there’s plenty room for me to sleep so I can turn it into a bed if I want
  • The car is really well insulated so I’m catching myself cruising at 50km/h on 3rd
  • Uses a lot less petrol than I expected
  • So far no issues

When was the gearbox fluid last changed?

No judgements here. Couldn’t tell you how much I stalled the Mazda the first week I had it.


Found one on sale right now

This is what I meant with the ~1 of every 4 rover 75s in this country has this interior


Phwoar yes that’s what I was on about as well, that is proper