Nostalgia Cars

talk about cars that have certain nostalgic value to you. example: the red ford explorer i rode to summer camp in in 2018 (very specific)

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Most likely my mom’s Nissan Primera! I remember sitting in the front seat with can of oil between my legs. Every time we went somewhere she checked the oil and added bit more.

I also took went for a joyride with it when I were 15, twice.

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Not a specific example but at least a model that gives me a slight feeling of nostalgia is the W114/W115 Mercedes. My father were driving them (multiple examples) from when I start to remember, to when I was 15.


Like everyone else here, definitely the cars my parents had growing up.

My mom had a 2000 Nissan Altima GXE. She had it from when I was in kindergarten to my sophmore year of high school. This is the car I spent the most time in growing up.

Then there’s my dad’s old 2001 Dodge Durango Sport. Also spent a lot of time in this one. We took a lot of long trips in it, and this is what I learned to drive in. Would’ve been my 1st car, but it had seen saltwater one too many times and the rust claimed it.

to elaborate further
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