Not exporting cars to beamng

With modded cars, using the lastest exporter update, doesn´t export correctly. Spawning cars in Beamng below the deppest point of the car, chrasing the phisics; don’t updating previously exported car; and getting stuck in “exporting bodywork”

Can you post an example of a car that’s having issues during the export? Thanks.

I’ll send it in a few hours, it’s impossible for me to do it now

This is what happens if the lowest point of the vehicle appears below the ground.
In the first image, it is at spawn. And the second is by forcing it to load.

And this video shows the vehicle, which frequently when exported with the latest version of automation, stays in [exporting body], leaving me with the game frozen for 20~30 mins. And on the few occasions in which it is exported, when the vehicle spawns, happens the event showed in this video, in addition to the fact that if I accelerate, the tires increase their radius. (The smoke is from tires)

Like this for 20~30 mins or more and in the task manager, it appears as if it had crashed.

And another thing, which I know has nothing to do with this specific bug, you can fix the numerous problems that exist with the texts, which when you center them they disappear and cannot be rewritten.

Alright, can you send along the .car files for the cars that are causing you issues? It seems you might have a couple of things going on here.

Are you using a bugged body set variant (which may be from the legacy body sets mod)? I suspect that could be one of the possible causes.