Nürburg GP-Strecke LAP TIMES

GP-Strecke (single).zip (1.6 MB)


.kratos - gts 800 rto - 1:59.99
.juliusgraham5485 - Time Attack - 1.58.92
.one85db - Nurburg Challenge - 1:56.29


(cant use 100 octane fuel, nor race intake, nor race exhaust,)
.storm - taipan - 2:02.40
.one85db - Nurburg Production - 02:01.52

how to submit. post a screenshot and your car export in the comment, and tell if your car is pure race car or a normal production car

Storm Taipan GTXR

Fits production rules, and is sellable in Gasmea with 20% profit.

Madrias - Storm Taipan.zip (104.6 KB)
Everything needed for this car can be found on the Steam Workshop.

Don’t know what a good lap time would be for that track, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement.

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Oooh, I really like what you did with the engine there. Mine just sticks out and looks terrible, lol.

Yea, that body needs some work because it was added before v12s. I might run a car on this track shortly.

USDMFTW Kratos RTO.zip (31.8 KB)

Race Car Leaderboard for this car

Just took my top trim Kratos and basically went ham, will probably be beaten soon by something with a better race car body.

Please do include credit for the creator of the track in your post! I know that one’s been around for yonks but it’s actually helpful in case somebody wishes to approach the creator about proposing edits etc.

race car
juliusgraham5485 - Time Attack.zip (98.8 KB)

Pretty Sure that’s Sillyworld’s 90’s GT body

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cant see the time clearly

An hour’s work. All race.

one85db - Nurburg Challenge.zip (98.3 KB)

This car meets the production rules. 645HP Naturally Asperated V8.

one85db - Nurburg Production.zip (118.5 KB)

I was messing around testing out a few things and realized I beat my own record for race prep.

one85db - OMG Testbed 9.zip (97.6 KB)