Nurburgring flying laps

So here’s the track! Credit for the original track of course go to @Der_Bayer (I hope you don’t mind me modifying it, if you prefer that I don’t, it can be taken down) and a special thanks to the amazing @strop, without his Fore GTi as the test car and his tips this wouldn’t have been possible.

Discard the sector 1 and 2 times, the sector 3 lap time is the flying lap.

GH Flying

Read the long post behind this track to understand the discussion below

There’s no way of getting around it, especially nowadays - as various outlets have remarked:

beating the ‘ring, and making a video to prove it, is about the best marketing move a sports car company can make, even one that plans to roll only a double-digits’-worth of cars out of its production facility.

Indeed, it is a cornerstone in the process of making any performance car, a fact which obviously extends into the Automation world. Despite the game not being finished or having perfect simulation, we’ve persisted in trying to smash records and tuning cars on that famed stretch of asphalt. I mean, hell, look at GG, KHT, Dimension or Hypera.

Speaking of GG: Strop. I was talking just a little while back to him about flying laps of the Nurburgring. He related that it didn’t really work out when he made one for the BSLL, the cars that suffered from brake fade slowed down massively by the time the second lap came round. This is clearly the realistic thing to do, but in then again, in the real world a test driver won’t be pushing at 100% for two laps for a hot lap when s/he knows the car suffers from high tyre wear or brake fade or has shit reliability. So, we need this flying version but we also need to compromise, obviously. So how should it be?

In the real world, again, there have been differences in how different manufacturers time their laps and there isn’t really much of a standard apart from “take a video of a flying lap with some GPS data overlays and upload it to YouTube”. But we needn’t make it so confusing for Automation.

I propose making a variant of the current Green Hell track that starts somewhere down here (the blue line), runs to the start finish line and ends back there, making the flying lap time the sector 2 value.

Your thoughts?


I don’t really see the point of this, the normal GH works fine

Well it’s not that it doesn’t work but quite a few people try to match IRL car lap times, taking @strop’s Armada Fore GTi as a case in point, so a standing lap (which is what the normal version is) won’t be good enough.

Comparing Automation cars to irl cars doesn’t really work well though, Automation cars always seem to be faster, and by a lot too but I get your point.

not necessarily, it depends on the circumstance and the tune. GH is actually one of the better tracks for times despite having a couple of weird spots (Flugplatz is too slow, imho).

This measure however is mainly for ultra sticklers (like myself) who notice that every modern timed lap of Nordschleife is flying and starts at T13. It does take off a couple of seconds from the time which, in certain competitive classes, means a lot.

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I would like a GH with the GP part added, that would be cool

Track is up!

That would have to be made seperately, but it’s doable (not very easily though. Sad.) :slight_smile:

I know that I’m hella late but how do you make flying laps?

With this exact track. The rest is explained in the first post.