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[OBSOLETE] The "guess-what-car" game

You have to be more precise…

Alpine GTA Kit Le Mans?

Nope but it’s the same engine!

Volvo 960?


It’s not just the fact it has the same PRV than a regular GTA or other Alpines but the LeMans has the exact same engine as the one on the picture. Which spec is it?

Alpine GTA Le Mans Fleischmann??

Not the right market!

GTA Le Mans Danielson?


A little hint!


Oh the USDM prototype.

To be fair there wasn’t really any way you could guess that from the first picture other than it was yellow, and didn’t the US proto have a detuned motor not a Le-Mans spec one?

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It’s not a prototype!

21 of them have been produced!

The LeMans had the detuned engine from the US-Spec GTA. Every purists shouted loud by seeing the LeMans was less powerful than the regular one.

Renault was short on cash at the time and they retired from the US so they had an industrialized car on their arms. They decided then to re-use the engine for this LeMans and most of the engeneering for the A610 hence the pop up headlights.

If you are francophone ( or good with google translator :rofl:) https://www.carjager.com/blog/article/alpine-gta-le-mans-une-serie-decriee.html

Your turn!!

Might be easy idk


C1 'Vette?

Yep thought it was easy haha


New one


Toyota Prius GT300?


Your turn!

I hope this is not too low res.