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[OBSOLETE] The "guess-what-car" game

Rules are simple
-Those who got enough wills to googled out a car are the one to post another picture for other to guess, aka the winners. Not some random guy out of nowhere. Also wait for the confirmation before posting a new pic.
-Always check the latest page for the latest car to guess, not one from 3 pages ago.
-If winners can’t be bothered to find a picture of some obscure car to crop and have people guessing what it is, the turn can be given to specific people, or anyone, it’s the choice of the winners.
-Pics should actually contain some guessable clue. If guesser has to pull the paint code and find the match, they probably are quite bad.
-File names usually are a lie.
-Hints and clues should be given once a day until someone got the correct answer.
-Google image search is cheating. It’s punishable by lapidation.
-The standard required answer is ‘Make’ and ‘Model’, unless noted.
-If the winner doesn’t give the next car for us to guess in 48 hours (2 days after the confirmation), everybody is allowed to pick up the pitchforks and torches. (Then anybody can post a car for us to guess. NO EXCEPTION).
-Enjoy the game as much as we all have! :smiley:

Updated 22/10/2014
-The WINRAR and Winner winning picture is not for you to abuse, please be considerate and think twice before using them anywhere else.

Updated 09/03/2015
-If you want the specific trim level or model answer, you need to be able to explain how can your picture leads us to that exact model.


Both pictures depicted a “Ford Cortina”. If I did not specified that you have to include the trim level in the answer. “Ford Cortina” is an acceptable answer.

But if I do request the trim level. I have to be able to point out that in the first picture, the car clearly have single headlamp, and specific grille that only appeared on the Cortina “L” and Cortina “XL”, and therefore both answer would be correct.

The same applied to second picture, which clearly depicted the twin headlamps and grille included with the Cortina “GT” and Cortina “GXL”.

The tricky part is this. The Australian Cortina “XLE” is also an answer because there is no discernible difference in the headlamps pod between the “GT”, “GXL”, and “XLE”. Even if the badge in the middle is different, I am not showing the part that signified the picture being of the “GT” and “GXL”, therefore “XLE” is also an answer (Even if the picture is indeed of a “GXL”).

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Looks a lot like a Saab 9000/Alfa 164.


looks like a volvo,but not sure which model lol.

It isn’t a Volvo

I will give you a little clue.

It’s designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and the door will fit on the car that came from another country. (If I give more clue, It would be too easy now.)

is it a vw passat?


Maybe Fiat Croma? Or Lancia Thema?

Does look a lot like a Thema, which would kind of make it a 164/Saab 9000 too.

Im pretty sure its at least on the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_Four_chassis


Fiat Croma

Kubboz turn, Post some pic for anyone to guess. :slight_smile:

That one was evil, all those type four platform cars look alike! :mrgreen:

here you are.

Mitsubishi ?

It’s reminded me of Galant Sigma.


mk2 golf?

no. It isn’t any volkswagen.

Looks russian, like a Lada perhaps… not sure which though

Aha! FSO Polonez! :mrgreen:

i think you could be right daffy

Yeah, you’re right. That’s Polonez. Your turn.