The "guess-what-car" game 2

Welcome to the continuation thread of our fun little forum game - the last one served us well for over a decade and thus (almost) reached the 10000 posts mark, at which the thread gets automatically and permanently locked. Credits for the original thread (and basis of the rules) to @conan.

(Fun fact - it’s actually the third rendition of that forum game, but the second one never took off)


Quite simple, really:

  1. Poster mentioned here a few times is the person who posts the picture depicting (a fragment of) the car you have to guess. Guesser is anyone that posted a guess.
  2. You win by guessing the correct make and model of a car (also variant/generation/model year if required by the Poster), confirmed by the current Poster. After confirmation you become the next Poster.
  3. If for any reason you’re not willing to provide a new guessing picture, you may give away your turn to anyone.
  4. Guessing pics should contain some guessable clue:
  1. As a Poster you should post hints once a day until someone gets the correct answer. Hints can be either pictures or text and can contain any information that narrows down the search. It’s been standard practice to post the first hint around 24h after the original image.
  2. As a Guesser you should not use Google image search. But since it’s basically undetectable, the Poster is advised to make sure that their picture does not provide sensible results when searched (it can be achieved by cropping, recolouring, adding some scribbles etc. - but remember that it still has to be guessable).
  3. As a Poster you may require a specific variant/generation/model year of the car as the answer ONLY if the picture you provided includes a characteristic element of that version. Remember to write that requirement! For example, a picture of a grille with a red line is enough to require “VW Golf GTI” instead of “VW Golf” as the answer, since only the GTIs have that red line.
  4. If the car on the picture had many names/rebadges/variations and the difference is not visible on that picture, a name of ANY of those is a correct answer. For example, a picture of a headlight of the second gen Opel Insignia has Opel Insignia, Vauxhall Insignia, Buick Regal, Holden Commodore and Holden Calais as the correct answers, since all those are mostly rebadges of the same car and their headlights look exactly the same.
  5. If the Poster does not provide a guessing pic within 48 hours since the correct guess confirmation, anyone might pick up pitchforks and torches post a guessing pic and thus become the new Poster.

Hints for posters

  • Pre-war cars look samey to most people, and people usually know much less about them, so using one as a guessing object might be less enjoyable for the Guessers.
  • Cars from various works of fiction (movies, games etc.) can be impossible to know for large parts of our community, since we are all interested in cars, but not necessarily in the same works of fiction. Posting a GTA car excludes anyone who hasn’t played GTA.

Enjoy! :smiley:


New stuff for guesses

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What Hyundai?

Hyundai Azera


To the next 10,000 posts. :grinning:

Fiat Croma

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Croma it is! :slight_smile:


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It’s a bit easy isn’t it if you can just discount an entire brand. Make and model please.

Hint 1: V6 only.

It looks like a Nissan Cima to me

Looks like it but isn’t.

Samsung SM7?

You got it!

Mahindra verito vibe?

Mahindra Verito Vibe it is, the weird Indian variant of the Dacia Logan



E9x 3 Series?