Odd new feature

Why am I able to change other people’s topic titles? I’ve only noticed this recently.

You should have also gotten a personal message from the site that let you know you have been active long enough to become a more advanced level member.


I think I did see it, and just never noticed the new feature

This really isn’t new, it’s been like that for a few years I think. Why is that a feature? No idea. But is seems to work, as in, regulars don’t seem to go around the forum and change others’ thread titles. Although I admit that I, being aware of this feature, use it once in a blue moon for stuff like changing the round number or moving the thread (because yes, you can do that too) when it’s obvious what it should be and the OP didn’t realise they should do this (of course I also post what I did too to not cause confusion). But in 99% of the cases it’s better to just let them know and let them do it, so, yeah, once in a blue moon.