Offroading Fixtures

I recently started creating a line of off-road cars, but found the game was kind of lacking in the off road department, particularly when it came to fixtures. So perhaps some of you may be interested in modding in some stuff. I was thinking stuff like aux lights and snorkels would be a cool addition to game, and possibly cargo racks and even winches, if that’s possible. Thoughts? Are any of these even possible? Cargo racks could probably easily be done, as they would probably work similarly to wings.

Maybe if the game devs are reading this, this could be an addition to the game at some point, maybe even DLC?

Cheers - Racer13

I’ve been thinking of making spare tyres as wings. Grill guard and winches are mounted below and on top of the bumpers respectively – and thus, they’re out of the question for anything with chrome or plastic bumpers. Generally, the more massive off-roaders you see do not use stock fixtures, but are modified by the likes of Arctic Trucks.

What about 5th wheel? (I mean on trunk, & stuff)

Felgen, I’d love to have spare tires as wings. Preferably, if it wouldn’t be too difficult to do, three styles: Bare tire (Just the wheel and tire), soft cover (like you see on a lot of 4x4’s, with the cloth/canvas cover over the tire), and hard-shell (Like a lot of vans have as aftermarket, or really old cars with center-mounted spare tires on the trunk).

As for things I think could be nice to have, I could somewhat see having the roll bar (with and without lights, with and without spare tire) for a truck. I’ve seen plenty of trucks that have them (granted, aftermarket options, but they’re common where I live). Would also highly appreciate a bed cover with spoiler for more sporty street-trucks.

But as for grille guards and winches, as Felgen said, those typically mount under or to the bumpers, and thereby unless it’s one of the super modern vehicles that has a painted bumper, it won’t work. Not unless an update is made to the game that allows fixtures to be attached to chrome or plastic bumpers.

I love this idea. Especially the spare-tire-as-wing idea, it would be a massive help in making SUVs look more polished, and combined with the possible addition of more SUV/crossover bodies would be brilliant.

I was trying to make a spare wheel like it a grille, but it deforms.

And I doesn’t know how can I make a working wing in the game (I can export, but ingame, I can’t put into the body).