Oh Bentley

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When will companies like Range Rover and Bentley learn that these kinds of cars are not “off-roaders”?
“Order the ‘Off-Road’ pack and four more modes (Snow & Grass, Dirt & Gravel, Mud & Trail and Sand Dunes) are added to the standard-fit Comfort, Sport, Bentley and Custom programmes that tweak the ride height, damping, roll control, traction control and powertrain responses.”
Who in their right mind would take a £160k car to the desert and go jumping off sand dunes? Honestly…
What do you people think of this car?

TaxTheRich might do it :laughing:

Also, Deadmau5 totally would too, but Bentley’s probably not his speed. Thrashing a P1 through a desert, however, totally is.

He used to have a Continental convertible but I’m not sure if he’s still got it.
TaxTheRich makes me want to cry though.

As a whole it makes so little sense that it starts to make sense. Except for that bloody rear door handle, WHY IS IT THERE?!

Yeah, these cars are just screaming “LOOK AT ME”

It’ll be a HUUUGE success for Bentley. Seriously.

i can see it’s sucess in VIP transport since if an ambush was to happen off-road is now an option for a getaway

You missed the point, microwave. The idea isn’t to take this cars offroad, but rather, to know that you could if you wanted to. The same philosophy is used on the Mercedes s65, it’s got 1000 torques and immense power, which is actually useless in anything under 4th gear, and the top speed is still limited to 250 kph. However, people pay 50% over the already very powerful S63, just because they can, and so they can show that they are able to. In other words, it’s not about extending the penis, but knowing that you could, if you wanted to, and showing off.

Edit: The car is fucking ugly, looks like a Q7 with a fat continental face. And they will sell them by the bucket loads in Beijing, west London, the UAE, Hong Kong and Beverly Hills.

To be honest, I can’t see very many people buying these. Range Rovers are far better.

It’s not about being objectively better. The Bentley is more imposing, less common, more expensive and also looks like it. That will be enough for it to become the new Cheshire vehicle of choice.

True, but also theyre supposed to be making a diesel version too. I honestly have no idea who would buy such a car… Sure it has more torque and fuel economy but does that really matter when you can afford a £160k + car?

Is this a sign that some segments of the car market consider diesel to be sexy, or, failing that, a viable alternative even in Prestige? That’s… well, the times have changed, surely.

Well Cadillac is looking to make a Escalade V trim with the 600+HP supercharged corvette engine so I don’t even know what’s going on in SUV land right now. I’m just gonna stick with my economy cars.

Luxury SUV manufacturers right now just seem to be confused. Safe to say though that if I had a couple hundred thousand dollars spare I would buy myself a G63/5 over any other 4x4/SUV.

I think there’s a real “it must have everything that is cool and happening” syndrome going on. That’s been the way SUVs and hot hatches have been going for a long time too. Maybe that’s why the MX5 ND is potentially so important.

I had this problem of lack of focus when building cars for the SUV class in the beta. As killrob put it, tgeyre hard to design because they’re inherently contradictory.

Why don’t big suvs have suicide doors in the back that would be great

If Rolls Royce made an SUV, I’d imagine that it would have suicide doors… Rolls Royce loves them things.


Ahh, I miss the way he says that :laughing:

You forgot fugly. People love fugly. Well, those with lots of dough to throw around at least.

Another Chelsea Tractor to add to the list.