Old body penalties

I realise this is half suggestion, but i also wanted to have a general discussion about this, hence the place.

So, the thing i want to talk about, is the penalties you get with older cars. Although i agree with this, i also disagree, for 3 reasons:
1- Yes, the car might be old, but can’t your company re-do the chassis and model itself to “update” it? Take for example the Ford GT and the GT40, they’re basically the same, and yet, the new one is a normal new car, it just has an old body that was updated. So why must we get penalty for using an old body, if the it’s completely revamped? Another example are Morgan cars.

2- Although it might be a feature to add realism (because as we know, old cars are SHIT when it comes to safety), there is a slight problem with that: there aren’t enough body types. If you’re doing a car company for 2015, you have like, 2 or 3 hatchbacks, 2 mid engines, 1 coupe (possibly 2), and so on, you get the point. The SUVs are the worst, because there is just 1. If you want to do different types of SUVs, too bad. Now sure, you can always ignore the penalties, but i find it a bit… saddening that you do a car with great specs and price, and people will shrug it off because it’s an old body, making cars, basically the same for 1 time period when it COULD not be.
PS: Not blaming the lack of body types, i know and agree that that isn’t a priority, or even something worthwhile to focus on at this stage.

3- Old bodies have popularity penalties. Again, i disagree with this. Would you turn down a car that looked like the original Dodge Charger? Or Mustang? Maybe some of you would, but it doesn’t mean that it should give a flat, or that high, penalty (in my honest opinion). I bring again the example of the GT40.

So what i’m suggesting, or would like a discussion about, is an option, that toggles on or off the penalties of any kind, be it safety or just old bodies, for the sandbox area, based on the 3 points i explained above.
Agree? Disagree? Would you think it’s viable? I’m getting rather tired of always using the same body types, but i don’t want to have to resort to the 70s for cars when technologically speaking they were so much inferior to today

This has been suggested before… —> viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8606&p=92876&hilit=old+bodies#p92876

The TL;DR version:
Don’t worry, the game isnt finish yet. If you check the Little Dev Updates you will see that the devs are working on engineering time and other things that will balance how the depreciation of car bodies work.

More TL:DR
The system is incomplete now, there’s tons of tweeks and other things to implement.

The Ford GT is inspired on the GT40, it is not the same car at all.

As for Morgan, it is extremely niche.

Known issue that is getting fixed slowly but surely.

While their styling is based on older cars, they still have some pretty noticeable differences due to newer safety rules, etc, etc.

I know the game isn’t finished, but that doesn’t mean they could introduce a toogle on/off feature for the time being. Since it’s about removing instead of adding, it shouldn’t be too troublesome… but then again i know next to nothing about programming.

And TrackpadUser, i know that inspired aren’t the same as the originals, but since we can’t do body types, wouldn’t it be a decent idea to use the old ones, and sort of pretend they’re new?
I know what you’re saying, and like i said i agree with that part, but considering the current limitation we have, i just think it’d have more vierity if there were no penalties, or at least be able to toggle them on and off

Well there currently isn’t any restrictions to designing new cars with older bodies, the penalty affects the market rating but not your ability to make the car. There are several users making car bodies currently and the workshops contains many additional bodies, if you have a request, like the ford gt body, you can request it of one of them at the moment. You can produce reasonably market competitive cars with the same body for about 15-20 years with appropriate updates and facelifts that’s about as long a run as any car has ever done aside from the Morgans and the VW beetle.

I know i can, but in competitions i sometimes do with friends when we aim for 1 market (just an example, i don’t want this little update just for me obviously), if someone goes for an older body just so we don’t have like 5 cars that are the same, he’ll lose for choosing an older body

Depends on how you tune it, like I said before you can make very competitive cars that still have a penalty. Take the car I made for my company, the buffalo. viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3684&start=60#p87075
In 2006 the car body does not have a penalty, but I was still in the 70-90% range in several categories right up to 2020 with a 10% old body penalty, and that was without a facelift trim in between.