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The 1975 Meijer Monte Carlo Turbo
“Italian performance for a Dutch price.”

0-100 km/h: 7,99 s
100-0 km/h: 36,8 m
Top speed: 191 km/h
Weight: 1096 kg
Engine: 2000 cc 154 hp T64 4T-P
-Type: Boxer 6 Turbo
-Redline: 5000 RPM
Gearbox: 4 speed manual
Drivetrain layout: FR
Cargo space: 706 L
Passenger space: 2762 L
Seats: 5
Roll angle: 5,3°
Fuel economy: 17,9 L per 100 km
Fuel type: regular (91 RON)
Emissions: 3427,1 emissions (IDK)(with two way converter)
Reliability score: 59 (not only Italian perfomance but also Italian reliability)
Lap time Automation Test Track: 2:34,25
The Meijer Monte Carlo Turbo started it’s development in 1968 with Lancia, their goal was to build a fast and reliable rally car for the 1975 season. The co-operation didn’t go that smoothly and ended up with the two companies breaking up in 1973. The development team of Meijer were only left with the chassis blueprints and early prototypes of the body, and with only 1,5 years to go before the launch of the car the clock was ticking, and that would be the reason why the engine was rushed and unreliable. The car started production on the 5th of December 1974. After 1 month 2000 cars were recalled after a few engine fire related issues. The rally season didn’t go well either after catching fire in Monte Carlo, Africa, Greece, Morocco and Portugal and having gearbox related issues in Britain causing them to finish 17th in the championship. After 2 more unsuccesful tries in the championship Meijer decided to pull out of the sport and 1 year later the company killed off the production Monte Carlo even after a major engine revision in 1976.

Production years: End 1974 - Mid 1978
Price(@0%): €13989


Cars using Leaded fuel can’t have catalityc converter.

The 1952 Meijer Azure 1398cc #869

0-100 km/h: 15,9 s
100-0 km/h: 52,6 m
Top speed: 146 km/h
Weight: 913 kg
Engine: 1398 cc 68 hp S82 12P-RDF
-Type: v12 60°
-Redline: 6800 RPM
Gearbox: 4 speed manual
Drivetrain layout: FR
Cargo space: 241 L
Passenger space: 1327 L
Seats: 2
Roll angle: 3,7°
Fuel economy: 20,7 L per 100 km
Fuel type: regular leaded (92 RON)
Emissions: 9999+ emissions (IDK)
Reliability score: 64
The 1952 Azure 1398cc was purposely build for the 800cc to 1399cc class of the 1952 Rally di Fruinia. The design team went through several engine design but ended up with a reliable enough pushrod V12 making 68hp.
Production years: 1952 (1 produced)
Price(@0%): Not for sale (€8005)
Meijer Azure - 1398cc.car (21.4 KB)


The 1988/1989 Meijer San Marino Rapido-12

CSR82 - TheAlmightyTwingo - Meijer San Marino Rapido-12.car (32.5 KB)


…in case of crashes, talk to your car’s insurance company

The 2019 Meijer Tokyo 1600B, the subcompact city eco car and it could be yours for $11859
Meijer Tokyo 19 - 1600B.car (28.9 KB)


Meijer Presents: The all new 2010 Meijer Hakone R86 and it’s racing version, the Meijer Hakone GT-C.

The standard R86

The Hakone R86 is modern city car made for every day use. It’s looks, not as aggressive as the GT-C, still keep sporty feel with it’s dual exhaust and a mini diffuser at the back. The engine also resemble it’s racing counterpart since the engine’s a eco-tuned version of the racing engine.

And it’s racing counterpart, the Hakone GT-C

Wierdly enough the GT-C model was developed before the R86 was, hence the racing inspired features on the R86. The GT-C is powered by a 2000cc naturally aspirated powerplant revving up to 8200RPM, and is kept on the road by it’s bonkers WTCC-inspired Aero.

R86: Meijer Hakone - R86.car (21.7 KB)
GT-C: Meijer Hakone - GT-C.car (23.2 KB)

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I present to you: 1986 Meijer Stuttgart 1600BS

The 1986 Meijer Stuttgart 1600BS is the perfect car for the student whose’s looking for a cheap sportscar that doesn’t suck up their money faster than a vacuum cleaner. It weights in at a reasonable 931kg and scoots around with it’s low powered yet nimble 111Hp RCO44S CSTc-P1600Bs making it quite swift around the circuit.

Download: CSR83 - TheAlmightyTwingo - Meijer Stuttgart 1600BS.car (23.8 KB)


2000 Meijer Assen Turbeco

Meijer Assen - Turbeco.car (21.3 KB)

2000 Meijer Assen TT

Meijer Assen - TT.car (23.8 KB)
2018 Meijer Assen Turbeco FRAX

Meijer Assen - Turbeco FRAX.car (22.1 KB)

1984 Meijer Tokyo Ecosport

Meijer Tokyo - Ecosport.car (20.0 KB)

1984 Meijer Tokyo EcoMover

Meijer Tokyo - EcoMover.car (21.2 KB)

1984 Meijer Tokyo MiniVan

Meijer Tokyo - MiniVan.car (21.7 KB)

2000 Meijer Tokyo Mogi

Meijer Tokyo - Mogi.car (19.6 KB)


1991 Meijer Ibaraki GT-R

Meijer Ibaraki - GT-R.car (24.0 KB)

1991 Meijer Ibaraki Compitizione S

Meijer Ibaraki - Competizione S.car (23.4 KB)

2006 Meijer Nikko Irohazaka
Meijer Nikko - Irohazaka.car (22.6 KB)

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1992 Meijer Hockenheim 2000E
Meijer Hockenheim - 2000E.car (20.7 KB)

1992 Meijer Hockenheim Evo 2.1
Meijer Hockenheim - EVO 2.1.car (20.2 KB)

The 1987 Meijer Asaha Ittei DM44

The 1987 Meijer Asaha Ittei DM44 started development in late 1983 in Japan. The Asaha was made to replace the Sakura, a long running family of sports cars dating back to the 60’s, while still managing to be able to sell it to the less performance orientated markets like the family segment. The result was the Asaha, a 4/5* seater with a sporty body and a nimble I4. The DM44 was the sportiest model available with the I4, sportier models were fitted with I6’s and later Turbo I6’s. Production lasted from early 1987 to mid 1993.

*depends on the model

That the DM44 was made for twisty mountain roads isn’t something new, when it came out in 1987 it was among the quickest in it’s class during touge races on various passes but it lost it’s speed over the years causing the popularity to drop in 1990.
After the release of the manga ‘44’ in 1991, a manga about a 18 year old boy named Kiochi Yamazaki who drives a DM44 and manages to climb the racing world ladder starting off with street racing, gymkhana, cup races and ending up in the IMSA all while using his trusty old DM44 which had been modified in various ways on the way. The story ends with him crashing and losing his DM44 in his last race in IMSA before being promoted to F1 driver. This manga and it’s anime adaptation caused a huge explosion in popularity initially in 1991 and 1993(anime release) and later in the late 2000’s after a remake of the anime.

The DM44 and it’s sisters ran in various categories like:
-Rally 1987-1989
-IMSA 1987-1990
-Cup races 1987-present

DM44: Meijer Asaha - Ittei-DM44.car (40.1 KB)
DM64: Meijer Asaha - Ittei-DM64.car (39.7 KB)
DM64T: Meijer Asaha - Ittei-DM64T.car (40.1 KB)
Blackbird DM64T: Meijer Asaha - Ittei-DM64T Blackbird.car (39.2 KB)


The 1965 Meijer Hellfire V12 GT

After settling it’s first American Headquarter in Detriot, March 1960, the company decided to make a muscle car but with a European twist. The result was the Hellfire V12 GT, it produced around 242Hp from it’s ‘tiny’ 4L V12 and managed to get from 0-60MPH in 7s but in contrast to most muscle cars it was actually able to turn and it was fitted with comfortable leather seats instead of church benches. Production lasted from early 1965 to mid 1967.

The launch of the Hellfire wasn’t received well in America due to it being underpowered for it’s price nor did it go well in Europe because off it’s too expensive price tag and size. Around 10.000 units were sold with 3500 being sold in Europe, 6000 in America and 500 being exported to Asia. Prices never really inflated because it never really took off and reached a legendary status like the Dodge Charger.

Since it wasn’t popular at all around launch not many units were build, that’s why the cars went for cheap after production was canceled. Currently the car is a cheaply obtainable classic and it has been increasing in popularity slowly(still not popular at all).

Markets: Europe and America

Download: Meijer Hellfire - V12 GT.car (35.5 KB)

NOTE: The price is in today’s dollars


The 2015 Meijer Tokyo Ecocity

Download: CSR84-TheAlmightyTwingo - Meijer Tokyo Ecocity.car (25.1 KB)

Blackbird version coming soon!

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The all new Meijer Assen Oost is here for the people.

The Assen Oost was designed for the farmers of the east part of the Netherlands. It gets anywhere, even with the narrowest of paths. It’s durable, to withstand the heavy and intense use. But most importantly it’s cheap, it can be yours for only $4564(0% mark up in-game) so even the poorest of people can buy it.

Download:GPC-TheAlmightyTwingo - Meijer Assen Oost.car (29.4 KB)


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