OMEGA (Motor Company)

This is sort of my thread for my completely ridiculous (so quality slider abuse) car builds.

The origins of this company date sometime during the Second World ███ , probably as an offspring of the Wunderwaffen-Programm. They somehow stuck around after the ███ however, specializing in completely over-the-top cars no sane person would buy. They also have a knack for finding not sane buyers.

They also yearly update their car models, meaning that even their cars from 1946 are nowadays (only) available with carbon fiber chassis etc.

Their by far most famed project to date is the 16 L turbo V12, that probably started it’s developement cycle in a tank.

The Badge is a simple Square with what is essentialy an upside down ‘V’ in the middle, faintly resembling a greek ‘Ω’ a

Where best to start but at the start:


All the small things

After the end of the [REDACTED] and with the shedding of the old burdens, so too OMEGA released a car onto the market under it’s own brand name (even though it was developed under the old management).
This meant there was no time to build it to the ridiculous standards common for OMEGA, but still…

This is the OMEGA Blitz, a 4 Seat Grand Tourismo car with the best money could buy right after the [REDACTED], so a 6L V12 rip no v16 key . It’s pushing 303 km/h, making it technically the fastest car until 1983. The problem? It still handles like a 1946 GT car.

The Blitz just makes no sense in the real world, especially with its anachronistic wing. A 6.0-litre V12 with dual overhead cams, 48 valves and developing 460 horsepower would not make sense until the early 1990s; it’s way too unrealistic and complex for 1946. In fact, the Blitz is good at one thing, and one thing only: attaining ridiculously high speeds for the era. And the race intake ensures that it will just self-destruct upon startup. Even if it doesn’t, there’s so much weight up front, and so little traction at the back, that it’s literally impossible to drive. Still, it wouldn’t be an Omega without such excess.


Continuing the theme of ridiculous GT cars:


Truth care truth brings

It’s 1975, the Watergate scandal is still steaming hot and you have to get away, somewhere, fast. Well, OMEGA has just the car for you. The OMEGA Walhai.
The car came about, when the engineer at OMEGA relized, that contemporary boots are so large in fact, that they would fit an engine better than the trunk could. So he made a 11.5L V12 for it. In the rear. this made the wheels in front 90mm thinner than the rear ones

Now this stupid idea of a car did 333 km/h, easily breaking 200 mp/h, while still comfortably seating 4 passengers quite luxuriously, and the engine in the rear helped to shelter the inhabitants from it’s whailing sounds. 4 seconds to 100, ~1g cornering, this was a Grand Tourismo car through and through. But that wasn’t enough for OMEGA.

The car just described was pictured here in green they’re identical. Now what is the red one? Glad you asked. Because 1975 was a time, when engineers first experimented with Turbos. And Turbo the engine OMEGA did.

Now the engine produced one-and-a-half times the power (1.2k) much to the dismay of the fuel system and the car did 365 km/h, now over 222 mh/h, with only minor hits to the other stats. It was quieter, too. And cheaper? Needles to say, whoever had 60 or 70 stacks and a lot of leaded gas to burn bought a Walhai. Assuming they could tame the european 5-Speed Manual.

So far this brand is waging a WAR against sanity.

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