(One off challenge) To EV or not to EV?, that is the question (open until 4 August)

I’m drunk right now and I suck at explaining things

Edit: this is good wine ,I recommend

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I will have a quick look at how much service is impacted by turbo.

What about a free +2 techpool for turbos on top of whatever falls into the price limits or would that skew it too much

I think a +2 mandatory everywhere is an ok balance and simple, other solutions would be complex.

Having said that, SVC is already one star and lumped with price.

The thing with a bonus or penalty on stats for Turbo is that you can offset the SVC in many ways so it becomes tricky. In this challenge tho, you can use a tiny turbo to get awesome mpg with good torque and hp, which is a 3-star+1-star Perf vs a 1-star SVC, so I think this right there is a meaningful choice without any need to fudge it.

Even the min +2 might be a bit irrelevant and is a 0.7M TP hit on someone choosing NA, but I might be biased because I have currently a NA engine, so take this with a grain of salt :wink: As I said, not against it at all, a minimum value in all TP is a common and sensible thing.

Yeah I’m going to stick as is, so minimum +2 on everything. N/A has cheaper service costs but 2 less techpool costs, and turbo people get a tiny bit more money to spend on techpool


I… guess the submissions are now open?

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Yeah sorry, I’ll change the title

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are techpool 2+ minimum apply now?


I wound is 100 hp bad idea?

I wound is 100 hp bad idea?

HP figures are provided in KW in the “EV” inspirations list