(Open Beta Hotfix 11) some car bodies crashes the game

I found a bug in the LCV4 open beta (hotfix 11): the game crashed when I selected one of 40sSedan body (2.1m variants) from the Body Editor.
Note that I have verified the integrity of game files and even reinstalled the game.

Edit: I found the same bug again on the 40sSedan02Large, 40sRearEngCoupe/Conv, 50sPickup, 50sSedanLarge, 50sMaffcSaloonMed, 40sMaffcSmallSaloon, 90sPickupMed, 10sSUVHuge and 10sSwoopySedan, when I selected those bodies, the game has stopped working with BugSplat screen.

Here are my crash logs (multiple files inside): 40sSedan_Crashes.zip (751.9 KB)

Additional Crash Logs after I found the same bug with other car bodies: Crashes_Part2.zip (1.0 MB)


Hello, I can confirm this is also happening to me, can provide crash logs too if required

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