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Open-Wheeler Challenge [DEADLINE 20th OCTOBER]

Welcome to my first ever challenge on the forum.
Welcome to the Open Wheeler Challenge.

Its 2020. The GP-X series wants to give the series a new spark of popularity.
They want a new car design to give the teams. As the GP-X series is one of the highest level racing series in the world, the car needs a very high performance level. They don’t care what you bring, it just needs to be fast. And oh yeah, it has to be an open-wheeler, or almost an open wheeler.

Rule 0: As the cars wont be tested, it will just be about how your car looks, if it performs realistically and is possible to be built in real life. Every car will be given a rating between 3 out of 10 and 10 out of 10. The car/cars with the high(est) ratings will win the challenge. NOTE: I might start a vote privately where a group of people choose which car wins. Not the entire challenge, just something extra.
Rule 1: Your car must be from 2020
Rule 2: Your car must be an open-wheeler, or it must have Formula E style fenders, or Caterham style fenders.
Rule 3: Features that are not usually found on Open-Wheeled cars are encouraged, such as windshields, closed cockpits, headlights, taillights etc. NOTE: You will probably get a higher chance of getting a higher score if you have these featured, and they fit the car nicely.
Rule 4: One seat is preferred. Multiple seats are allowed, preferably behind each other. Multiple seats probably wont grant you anything, but if it is REAAAALLY well done you might get a slightly higher rating.
Rule 5: Making anything invisible is allowed, in pictures and ingame. Please tell me what to make invisible in your post.
Rule 6: Road legal cars are allowed, but i would not go through the hassle, as i wont rate you for it.
Rule 7: Please publicly post your car files. If you are a new user, please use google drive or any other file sharing tool to share your car. NOTE: Please publicly post the .car file.
Rule 8: Have fun!
NOTE: Mods are allowed.

Remember to make your car unique, please don’t just make an F1 car. Even go full Le Mans Open-Wheeler if you want. I really don’t care, just don’t make it too unrealistic.
The deadline is on the 20th of October. You can send in cars later, they will just not be rated. I will be posting my own car as well. If you want you can post multiple cars.

Have fun everyone!

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