Openbeta 4.2 + DX11 crash


Since the latest update the game no longer prompts for DX version. My card only supports DX11 and I can’t afford to upgrade it at the moment. Once the game starts it crashes before the main menu.

I am using openbeta LCV4.2 Opt-In Beta.

Volk, as fellow player with same situation, i can say this much:

Knugcab’s comment of having particular button “Play DX11” stems from starting from Steam and selecting “Troubleshooting Tool” instead of flat out playing the game (but yes, from that tool you can start up the game)

You can explicitly input that you play on DX11 tho for game acknowledging that from start

  • Open Steam and get to Automation
  • Cog button → Settings
  • Find Launch option box that is somewhere in there
  • Type -dx11 into it

For a very short while between the merger and one of the last Beta patches I got that different looking startup screen, hence the confusion and the removal of my message.