Opinions on my 2.0L I4? Inspired by Honda's S2000

I’m newer to this game, and I usually have MAJOR issues with the economy, especially when it comes to trying to get it down to .750

I was able to squeeze 225HP out of this naturally aspirated, 2.0L Inline-4 engine.

This is my first, fully completed engine. Give me some opinions on this, and tell me some things you think I could possibly do to make this engine even better without getting too many parts out of the green

I would use long tubes, high flow three way, one reverse flow muffler, idk what you done in the other tabs, but it looks fine.

Might go back and do that. This was supposed to be a “base” for a race engine. I was gonna shoot for about 400HP with this engine in it’s race variant.

I usually use a double baffled muffler - it seems to get the best combination of noise reduction with low cost. Also, you get extra sportiness points for engine noise so if you want sporty go with a single baffle. Using bypass valves will allow you to squeeze out a little more horsepower.

I’m liking what I see here - a powerful NA engine with some pretty decent efficiency. Post some more screenshots of the other tabs if you want us to offer more critique.

Biggest issue I see here is the production units are nearly 500, that means you went crazy with the quality sliders. I am pretty sure your can get a very similar engine by using a shorter stroke and larger bore to keep reliability high at those RPM’s.

Switch to Long Tube headers, and use those bypass valves, being a sporty engine we don’t want it silent all the time.