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Our 'Side Gig'

A few weekends ago, daffyflyer, killrob and myself helped to film the final round of the Australian GT Series and the Highlands 101 Endurance race at Highlands Motorsport Park near Queenstown on the South Island here in NZ.

Here is the TV Coverage of the race ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6wtBPefAfI ). If you don’t want to watch all of it, at least skip to 38:40 for a pretty dramatic spin across the bridge.

We think it is a pretty great show, condensing down the 3 hour race to a 1 hour slot.


Skipped to 38:40, was not disappointed. Cracking save.


Awesome guys! Going to put that on my TV now - i spoiled me with the crazy spin though.
Developing Automation, helping to film a Race Event… whats next? Driving the 24h ADAC Masters on the Nurburgring with an E46 325Ci?

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Pretty sure the driver had to change his suit after that spin.

It was Fecking awesome, Major credit to the driver for bringing it back under control

Nice vid :slight_smile:

Well you learn something every day: Australia has an endurance series and even New Zealand gets to host a race. Awesome!

Out of interest, which parts did you film?

Myself and Andrew were on Tripods trackside.

My spot was on the track owner’s (Tony Quinn) track side apartment balcony. I could see almost the whole track from there. And was calling car positions for the other guys so they could pick up the cars with their shots.

Example of my shots at 14:07, 38:50 (long shot onto the end of the bridge). I could follow a car from exit of the hairpin, to over the bridge, final 3-4 corners, down the main straight and out to the bus stop, before the south loop. Then pick the cars back up through the S’s to under the bridge. But I need a lens with more zoom to make most of this more practical to use.

Daffyflyer was on the 2nd to last corner, so shots like 21:51, and cars entering pit lane. He could follow cars from the exit of the bridge, to down the main straight.

Killrob was doing beauty shots with his fancy DSLR, so I assume 45:59, and some shots from the Intro, on the dam etc. Rob would know.


That’s pretty fancy! And 38:40 did not disappoint!

Maybe 38-40 should be the new call for: “Should’ve crashed spectacularly, but even more spectacularly saved it!”

“The driver is coming around the corner. Oh, he spins out! -What’s this, the driver just pulled a 38-40! He pulled a 38-40!”

Yeah? Yeah! … well, maybe not… I’ll just sit in my corner then.


That’s so awesome! Getting to film GT cars would pretty much be a dream come true for me :stuck_out_tongue: How much other stuff do you film at the Highlands raceway?

This just reinforces I have to go to NZ some day (I already really wanted to). This track is also amazing, it’s really tight in parts but it just seems so fast!

#shamelessplug :stuck_out_tongue:



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