Out of Video Memory with My Massive Paint Collection

I have a good laptop with 6GB GeForce RTX 2060 video card, however, when I clicked at Global with my massive (15 MB) paint collection (file included below), the game freezes before it sucessfully loaded my saved colors, so here is an error screen I have encountered.


Note that I have set it to “High-Performance NVIDIA Processor” in NVIDIA Control Panel instead of Auto-Select due to the presence of an integrated UHD 630 video card.

Ohm’s 15MB Paint Collection.zip (295.2 KB)

You could just clear your cache (which deletes all your cars, engines and global paints); that is one way to solve the problem, but is only recommended if you have no intention of keeping any of your existing cars, engines and paints. I do not know of any other means, though.

i really dont think it exclude all your cars and engines lol

Clearing cache removes Photo scenes and Paints. But if you put all your paints onto one car you can get them back.

Clearing saves removes cars i believe.

Update: I have cleared the game cache and saves, it doesn’t help either, and here is a screenshot after game crashes (an error message is not visible this time), where the resolution is reduced to 800 by 600 pixels.