Out of video memory

So I was using photo mode when I got an “out of video memory” error.

Why is this?

I am using an RX580 8gb which should have more than enough VRAM for the 1080p med/high settings I play at.

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May not be 100% related, but AMD CPUs had a memory leak issue where the RAM would do weird stuff. Had a BIOS patch for it. It could be your GPU has a similar issue. Try looking up RX580 memory not clearing. May also try reinstalling (or just updating) the Radeon drivers to clear the configuration, or just switch to Nvidia :laughing:

One time watching a movie (Netflix) the memory just filled with the streaming buffer until I hit 100% RAM use and my browser crashed. Rebooted, never happened again (doing anything). Full disclosure, I was running Vista at the time. Sometimes computers just do weird stuff.

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I did the opposite. Went from a GTX1050 to a 580 mostly because of this game.

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I do have a Ryzen CPU, however I’m running a never bios revision. The last BIOS before the 3rd gen beta one which has some issues.

I am updating drivers and will look for a newer bios if there is one available.

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When you switched from the 1050 to the RX580 did you fully remove the Nvidia drivers before installing the Radeon? A freind loaned me a RX560 to compare to my GTX760 SLI set up, and I wan’t sure I would stay, so I left the Nvidia drives installed, and just added the Radeon. Results were… interesting. Maybe some residual GeForce drivers are causing conflicts?

For sure. I used display driver uninstaller in safe mode and completely powered the system down.

Then put in the RX580 and installed drivers.

I just updated the driver and it hasn’t happened again.

Rather common for residual drivers to cause conflicts.

Especially if you switch from an old CPU to a new platform and CPU and don’t reinstall Windows. Can cause problems