Outdated Mods EVERYWHERE!

Here’s a list of mods for UE4.24 which I want to be compatible with UE4.27 and maybe others want it too.
Mod - Author
List starts from here
Endurance GTS Pack 4.24 - Simmer22
Super GT Super Pack 4.24 - Simmer22
10s Prototype [4.24] - The Stig Is A Spy
My good old Peugeot 207 (4.24) - Maxbombe
Vertical Stabilizers [4.24] - The Stig Is A Spy
RBs hatchback wings. - Borisu
Md’s 4.24 Wing Modpack - Mdgamer
Fourteen40 Rim pack - Borisu
TSIAS’s Racing Fixture Pack [4.24] - The Stig Is A Spy
RB 80s Rally Legends Fixtures. - Borisu
Open Wheel Pack - Simmer22
90’s freedom (ue4.24) - mart1n2005
Note!-Do remember to turn on the “UE4_24” Filter in the “GAME ENGINE” option.


have you ever thought about the fact that it can be a lot of work to adapt a mod for the new engine with all the new materials and UV maps? maybe we modders still have an RL and a job? I can’t speak for all modders here, but I’m in the process of customizing my mods, I like doing that because I enjoy seeing how they are used, but it takes time, so be patient. :wink:


I am patient and I understand mate…
Sorry if you feel like I’m asking you to work fast…

The thing is that, these mods are so good that you can’t play the game without them, I can wait for it for months…