Over/Under OHV Engines

In the Game the OHV Engine, by default, is a Crossflow design. Crossflow Heads are normal in V-Type Engines, but in the Inline Engine World finding a Crossflow OHV Head is Rare.

Over Under Engines just offered so many Advantages over Crossflow.

1st: Serviceability. Spark Plugs, Fuel Pumps, Starter etc. are normally placed on the opposite Side of the Intake/Exhaust Assembly, great for easy Access, even with a Hot Motor.

2nd: Size: They don’t take up nearly as much Space , basically leaving one half of the Engine Bay free. Also Means bigger Engines can be fitted, such as the Slant Six.

3rd: Efficiency: The Intake Air gets heated up by the Exhaust which means that at Low Load the Intake Air is much closer to Knocking Point, meaning better Burn and less Fuel Consumption.
It also makes fitting an EGR Valve ridiculously simple, and Effective. And EGRs in these Applicatiosn help Emissions and Economy for the Feather Footed Gentlemen.

4th: Ease of Prouction: Because only one Side of the Head has to be Machined for Intake and Exhaust, instead of 4 Sides, now only 3 have to be Machined, and Exhaust/Intake are done in One Go.

5th: Turbocharging: They are easy to Turbo. Really, they are.

The only Disadvantage is Peak Power, but who needs more than 75hp anyways ever?


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have you tried reading the faq

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I know the Feature Lock, but still, just 2 Cents.

but in the Inline Engine World finding a Crossflow OHV Head is Rare.

True, but the overwhelming majority of all inline engines are crossflow heads. Rather than them having to do a bunch of intakes, exhausts and performance calculations that are unique exclusively to one particular layout of engine is a poor use of time. We may as well ask why V4s aren’t in the game despite being a much more common engine design than V16s in the automotive world.

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Low peak power… Except if you tune it and you create an L32ET…:smirk:

Count number of different V4 engines in cars, then do the same for V16’s.
I don’t think there will be much difference.

The V4 is mostly used in motorbikes.
If we only count water cooled engines, only Lancia and Ford (2 different ones) have used V4’s in cars.
The SAAB 95 and 96 used a Ford (German) engine.

And the Russian MeMZ 960-series, of which there was a ton! To say nothing of military vehicles and yes, bikes.

How many people do you know who have seen a V16 in person? How many of them do you think have seen a V4 instead?

And my point isn’t to support V4s at all. My point is how pointless it is to ask for a fairly irrelevent, one-off thing, when there’s far more important things to focus on (Like blowers, right off the top of my head).

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Oh, yes, superchargers! I’d pay for a DLC for that even.


Oh, I should specify: They’re already coming in the base game. But they’ll take a considerable amount of time and energy from the devs, so they’re better off sticking to their plans rather than letting themselves get pulled in twenty different directions.

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I know, I know. It was just the sentiment I was expressing.

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