Overall dimension number of the body of the car

We know the values of the default body length, width and height when we choose the car. However, we can only know the wheelbase and the overall car length after we morphed the body, and we don’t have the value of width and height of the car.

Is is possible to have the overall dimension values especially the overall width and height of the car shown in the game?

You can see that when you first select the body, in a black box appearing at the bottom. Of course those values will change depending on the morphs (mainly widening the wheel arches).

the problem though is i cannot find the values after the morph, only wheelbase and length can be found on detail page. My question is, since the length can be shown on the detail page after the morphs, would it be possible to show the width and the height after the morphs as well?

Height would depend on wheel diameter + rideheight, wouldn’t it?
So not until you gone past the suspension tab would you know the true height.