Overhaul Of The Engine Designer

What’s going to be the same, how’s its going to be different and what it might look like? Thanks to who ever replies :slight_smile:

Major preposed changes (subject to change, NOT CONFIRMED IN ANY WAY) -

Disposing of block size and allowing liniar scaling of the engine.

Letting bigger bore engines flow better due to larger valve area.

Compltely re-writing the calculations behind emissions and economy so they actually spit out decent stats.

Doing whatever changes we need for turbo goodness!

Are there any plans to change the fact that bore and stroke have no effect on anything other than the displacement? EG maximum piston speeds, effects on torque curve, “smoothness”. ATM my super long stroke 8 can rev to at least 11500rpm and produces no more torque than massively over-square’d version with the same capacity :laughing:

It already does effect piston speed and smoothness, but it will be tweaked so that bigger bore = more valve area, among other things

Yes, like decreased valve shrouding. Better flow from the same valves.

Larger valves tend to result in decreased low end performance.