Paint Not Properly Exporting when "Grouping" Cars/Trims

I would first like to state that I am fairly new to automation, so some things I might say will probably show that.
The problem im having is that when I export multiple trims to Beamng to have them be all in the same “pack” or under the same car in the car selector menu, they always assume the paint of the first car exported. Everything else seem to be the same, and correct, just not the paint.
When I export them separately, they seem to work normally, when not grouped together.

Let me know if you have any ideas, thoughts or anything on the matter,

Honestly, I did not even know that this is possible. I will check it.


Just as an update, so far I have tried doing deferent tings such as; packing/unpacking; naming the mod and not the car name, and vise versa; and manually moving files around. All to no avail. Just as some guidance on what has already been tried.
I also am running the normal version of the game (I think).

MAYBE FIXED, BUT NOT SOLVED: As to test another method I opened the beta and tried exporting from there, and the first time around it did not work when I unticked the collapse livery (but i may have misspelled the modname wrong when exporting). But when I re-checked the collapse livery button it did work! (so far)
will keep posted until I get to where it always works