Part of the engine disappears in design and fixtures section

I’ve just made invisbile the body so that you can see what is the problem: the car has a Mechanic Fuel Injection system with performance intake, which suddenly disappears once you come to design / fixtures or any photoscene.

I’ve also tried other bodies, put other engines with EFI, turbos or carburetors but the problem remains the same: parts of the engine is not visible, for example here intercooler and exhaust are missing…
Is there someone who had this trouble and knows mayble how to solve it?

That’s intentional. If you want the air box and intercooler to be visible inside the car you need to turn on “enable intakes in cars” under the gameplay options. It’s turned off by default because sometimes the air box or turbo piping pokes through the car body and suspension geometry.

Thanks @Admiral_Obvious, now it’s all ok