Parts Spread

Daffyflyer has been working feverishly on getting most of the parts for the demo completed.

In many ways this is the real hard first push from an art perspective. Just like real engines, a lot of these parts can be reused in their original forms across all engines in the game. Such as the pistons, con rods, carburetters etc. Other parts such as the heads, blocks and cranks require work to produce the various other engine types.

In the picture below (click to enlarge) shows the myriad of options available to you within the Engine Designer Demo. The demo only pertains to the Inline 4 engine configuration, the full game of course will cover a wide range of configurations. The game will also cover various forced induction, but this will not be covered in first release of the demo. We know how much people love their turbo 4 bangers and you will get them!

I would love to think we are in the last month of working on the demo, but we are believers in releasing something we are happy with so it will probably blow out. Being independent allows us to take the time, care and attention to detail to make a great product.


That Awesome.

Now I’m Happy that Demo nearly finished. :smiley:

That Con rod still gold. :mrgreen: And OHV 12 Valves Head has Oh Face. :mrgreen:

Now I’m Happy that Demo nearly finished. :smiley:

Well, hopefully nearly done.

There is still quite a bit of work to get that all in game, and a pile of features/programming & design work

Don’t worry, I can wait.

I don’t want to rush you.

Hehe, we know you are all excited, so we’ll try to be quick (we are pretty excited about it too!)

I’m already excited when I see this site about 6 months ago. :smiley:

Wow. Will be Engine Designer ready before 14th of February? My winter Holidays are ending then.

Probably not to be honest.

loving it even more. i honestly cant wait much longer before i burst.
but dont rush haha.
conan murder said he was exited 6 months ago when he first saw the site,thats the same for me but ive been waiting even longer i think i was one of the first subscribers(i think). :smiley: around march/april 2010?
im really really really hoping 2011 brings the release of AUTOMATION

Yep you have been here for a while :slight_smile:

We hope 2011 brings Automation too, so far so good, but who knows how long it’ll take to be ready to release

Reminds me of very high quality version of Street Legal Racing Redline, except with even more attention to detail. :smiley:

Yeah, we had a look at street legal racing… :confused:

It aims for so much but fails so badly, the interface is really hard to use, the data on the car is not presented well and its hard to tell what parts you should use, and the graphics are dodgy, not just old but badly done!

Still, Automation will certainly feel similar (the design sections of it), only less broken and nicer to use! :smiley:

I have never been one for street racing, but endurance thats where you find out if a car will hold up

Street Legal racing -

Thats the game you are talking about yeah?

These graphics are really great. I would never have expected this kind of quality from an independent developer.

If anyone remebers the indie attempt at making a 3rd Street Rod game they will know what im talking about :laughing:

the new video looks great, cant wait for more :slight_smile:

Errr, that one I just posted was not us, that was the old game “Street Legal Racing” :stuck_out_tongue:

One question:
I notice that there no flywheel or clutch. Is that because you haven’t made them yet or is it something you don’t plan to include?

Other than that it looks great. :smiley:

Yes, I have a confession to make about that…

I thought I had covered everything but Zeussy recently mentioned “Hey shouldn’t that engine need a flywheel”, cue rather embarassed noises from me.

There will be flywheels, once I model them.

Clutches will probably be part of the gearbox, which itself will be part of the car designer.


Errr, that one I just posted was not us, that was the old game “Street Legal Racing” :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]