Paying Hommage Challenge

Paying Hommage

A one off round challenge but if there's more demand for this, i'll make more.

21st January 2009

“Today is the day where Quaglia Automotives is now 100 years old.” said Tony Quaglia, CEO of Quaglia Automotives and also a grandson of Maffson Quaglia, the founder of Quaglia Automotives at the meeting room with some amount of executives in it.

“Well, what are we gonna do in the spirit of being 100 years old?” Agnese asked, one of the executive for the company.

“Since retromodern styling is a trending thing right now, we should take one of our classic Quaglia and give it the treatment.”

“We could give this car the treatment.” Agnese suggested.

“That’s a good suggestion.” Tony said. “Anyone else?” while other executives presented their previous Quaglia line-up to get the treatment.

i ain’t gonna type long suggestion list conversation so skipping ahead to the result.

A Few Hours Later...

“Alright, we all agreed that we should paying homage to this beautiful 1957 Quaglia GT400 and we also agreed that we should call any outsourced design house from around the world that is available to help us.” Tony said with a smile on his face.

“I’ll try to contact and survey on every available design house available.” one of the executives said.

“Good! Meeting dismissed.”


  • No engineering required as they already got the drivetrain developed so it’s just purely design challenge.

  • Highly preferred using convertible or coupe body but if you have galaxy brain and has over 9000 IQ, you can use other bodies BUT please execute it properly if you want to win this challenge.

  • Also highly preferred using any body that can use front-engined, RWD layout but other layouts are welcomed.

  • Model and trim year should be 2009

  • Quaglia’s badging should be this

Quaglia GT400 .car file and Gallery. (27.8 KB)

Quaglia Line-ups For References

1974 Quaglia G200

1992 Quaglia Roadster

1968 Quaglia Q360

2019 Quaglia Malaikat

2020 Quaglia Mantide 4C

2016 Quaglia La Diosa

Real Life Car References

puking some pics brb

Naming Convention

  • Car and Engine Model : PHC - Your Forum Username

  • Car Trim : free for all

  • Engine Trim : free for all

You can either send me your .car files either in this forum or at Discord.

The round starts from 24th June 2020 to 7th July 2020


Given that the current CSC is still ongoing, and also that you presumably didn’t want to wait until you could host a round, it’s fitting - necessary, even - to give this contest its own separate thread.

Anyway, Quaglia is a new brand, and I’m assuming it’s a performance-oriented one.

You don’t say…

Yep! It’s a mixture of various Italian car company line-up like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari etc.

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A closer look at the badge we are meant to use would be nice. Other than that seems fairly clear. (maybe specify body year in bullet point and market to aim for)

Quick question. Is the trim and engine year supposed to be 2009 or a later year. Sounds dumb ik but I’m getting a bit confused and wanted to make sure.

I have the same question OP, does it have to be at 2009, 2009 or later or completely free?

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Model and trim year should be 2009

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2009 Quaglia GT500

We at Grifone decided to slack off and render this thing yeah epic


2009 Quaglia GT500 Concept

By Cacca di cavallo Studios


2009 Quaglia GT500 by Kishiwo designs korea

S h O w C a R

2009 Quaglia GT400 Concept

The 2009 Quaglia GT512 reimagined by Pacifico Design


2009 Quaglia GT400H by Gearhouse studios

I need a proper name for my car company


I had a lot of difficulty with this. 00’s is not my forte and honestly that design on a modern car really sucks so here’s what I thought it might be like.


Would like to see that in a deep luxurious red. :slight_smile:

Quaglia GT450 By Lünnerden Design Studio

More Pics

2009 Quaglia GT450 Homage by LaVelle Studios



A Legend. Reborn.

The 2009 Quaglia GT 400.


Just 1 more days left till the deadline and the entries that i’ve got so far is -


If you already sent me a .car file but didn’t get mentioned, you can hit me up.