PDC 8 - In For The Long Haul (Truck Finals Now Out)

PDC 8 – In for The Long Haul

You guessed it! It’s commercial vehicles!


We set the scene in a meeting room somewhere in the heart of England.
The year is 2003, and Securicor Omega has just been bought by Deutsche Post.

Chairman: Mr Darling has suggested we become the new face of delivery in the UK. He says that we should become the future of logistics, the maestros of the motorways, and the princes of the parcels! Now that pesky Omega has been bought out, we can finally shine through!
Executive 1: But surely… we need a bigger network… we need to be able to take larger capacities?
Executive 2: That is a point there, sir, we need more depots, a bigger fleet, more staff, what will we do?
Chairman: Well… I didn’t think about that. Any ideas chaps?
Executive 1: Couldn’t we just buy used? Wouldn’t that just do the job fine?
Executive 2: What about a nationwide campaign? Support local, support British? That could work.
Executive 3 (Who until now has been fiddling with a Newton’s Cradle): You know what? I’ve got it! I’ve bloody got it! How about… right? We approach manufacturers. We approach them and ask them to make concepts, vehicles specific to us, give us an identity!
Chairman: Yes, Yes, I guess that’d work, Dave. Any other ideas… Wait? Are you saying we don’t have an identity!? Are you insulting my 20 years of hard work and graft!?
Executive 3: Well… yes. Yes, I am, actually. We aren’t a prominent enough brand; we aren’t a household name like Parcel Force are. We need identity, TNT have their orange paint, BRS had their iconic lorries, Stobarts have a fan club for crying out loud!
Chairman: I see your point… Now we need to work out who to contact, and what parameters. Any thoughts so far?
Executive 2: Pulling Power, lots of it, lots and lots of pulling power.
Executive 3: Load space and drivability.
Executive 1: Well… we need to treat our driver’s right… Comfort would be quite good for them, right…?
Chairman: Ok, good ideas, keep them coming!
Executive 3: Fuel efficiency and good reliability, we don’t want to shell out too much for diesel and parts!
Executive 2: We need a big snazzy sign on the lorry, let ‘em know we’ve arrived!
Executive 3: Wait… who said it needed to be a lorry?

The board room falls silent.

Chairman: So. We’ll need lorries for the long haul and vans for the inner city. Let’s get onto it.

To summarise, you need to build a van and/or a truck. Both will be judged separately, meaning 2 winning entries. I will only allow 2 vehicles to be sent, with no resubmissions.

Important Stats:

Vans and Trucks need to carry things, so make it very good at that!
The parcel company don’t want their vehicles off the road every other weekend in for repairs.
Fuel Economy:
The trucks won’t be as efficient here, but in a class of their own, will still be relevant. The company doesn’t want to spend too much on diesel.
Period Correctness and a good, memorable design will do the company’s reputation nicely.
Again a stat that won’t do well for the lorries. Drivers need to be looked after, give them some kit and some good seats for the cabs of the work vehicles!


Model & Trim Year: 1995-2004
Regular Unleaded Fuel – On recommendation
No Race Parts
Steel Wheels
No Sports Compound or Semi-Slick Tyres

Naming Convention:

Model & Engine Name: PDC 8 – [Username]
Trim & Variant: Name of vehicle/engine






Deadline is 15/07/2020 Good Luck!

I am only hosting this as it seems to have gone all quiet on the Western Front since PDC 7


I don’t see the connection.

Oh, and since it’s meant to be a fake diesel, I’d suggest two requirements - turbo and max. RPM, around 3000-3500 for lorries and 5000-5500 for vans.

Low Quality Fuel would likely behave more like diesel with ignition points etc in real life rather than Regular, and depending on the type of van depends on whether it needs a turbo etc, so I wouldn’t make it a hard and fast rule.

It’s now regular due to compression.

While it is possible to very accurately replicate some turbodiesels in the game, it’s nearly impossible to replicate N/A diesels. That, and N/A diesels already losing significance by the 90s. Sure, a hard rule isn’t needed, but I think it should be a strong suggestion.

2 questions, by van, what sort of size do you mean,

and if you mean small - medium, could we use premium/95RON fuel, as its normal to run those sized vans on petrol

It’s UK based, and from my experience, most run on diesel if not all. By Medium vans, you mean LWB Transit sized, they’re Turbo Diesels, and I know some combo vans were diesel.

what i meant was more things like the transporter, berlingo and V-class, all of which where sold at that time with petrol engines, which i would assume would be popular for in-city deliveries

Don’t quote me here, but I believe those were the passenger variants, my Uncle has had both Transporter and Vito of this period, both were Diesel. I can’t say on the Berlingo/Kangoo though.

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Imagine if the Scania mod body I comissioned had been ported to UE4.24.

Oh yes… the 90s Communism, would be very nice. I was gonna try and learn blender to do buses and commercial vehicles for Automation… but I couldn’t without paid plugins.

the vans of that era generally came in both diesel and petrol im pretty sure, the size im talking about at least

i think


From my experience they were diesels, but I assume some were, mainly passenger though.

i have seen both petrol and diesel versions irl of the v-class, and online with the others listed, i was just wondering cause it would make building a bit easier


Are we supposed to be making two vehicles? Or can we do just one?

Will the fleet vehicles ever be used off-road? If they are, and it happens often enough, off-road capabilities should be factored into the judging criteria.

You don’t have to make both, no. You can if you want, though.

And, no the closest they’ll come to off-road is a farmers track, or country road. This is the UK we’re talking about! The drivers would be too scared to get their boots dirty!


2003 TransCargo Vality

The TransCargo Vality is TransCargo’s latest compact van, perfect for all your light deliveries all around Britain (and even further).
It’s powered by a turbocharged 1.6L 4-cylinder capable of 116hp@5500rpm and 163Nm@4800rpm, which is paired with a 4-speed manual that transfers power to the front wheels.
The Vality is equipped with power steering, a cassette player, ABS and Traction Control.

But why should you buy the Vality?
-Because it has a top-level fuel economy (8.1L/100km, 12.35km/L, 29UKmpg)
-Because of TransCargo’s great reliability record
-Because TransCargo is a British/French company that gives Brits jobs (all TransCargo vans’ bodies are made in Cirencester, Gloucestershire)
-Because TransCargo has one of the best dealership/service networks in England, with a nationwide assistance program
-Because it costs just 8900£ (with a big enough order, The price will definitely drop, prices referring to 2003 infaltion values)
-Because it looks nice

TransCargo Commercial Vehicles, The best Anglo/French collaboration since Concorde


bit of aproblem, there isnt any good truck bodies for 4.24, theres only 1 and its not that good

Truck Bodies

If you can’t find the truck bodies, here’s some!

These can all be morphed, patchworked and designed how you want.

Remember that HGVs and other Commercial vehicles tend to be 5 or 10 years behind car design trends, so older bodies can work just as well.