PDC 9 - 11, Cuff 'Em. Stuff 'Em REDEMPTION [Finished]

S-cop finally does a Cop Challenge.

1982 - Los Azrael, Gasmea

We are contracting the next-generation Police cars in this era… and we don’t want to make the same mistakes as the other Gasmean Department a decade ago. Do note, this is right in Smog Era, and in a certain level of choke. But we still want relatively TRADITIONAL large cars [in this time, slightly downsized, Europeans would still call them large] (Yes… I am taking as many stabs at PDC5 as I can)




  • Trim and Varient Year must be 1982
  • Vehicle must have a traditional seating arrangement, full benches/2 Fronts, bench rear, full seats only
  • Engine choice unrestricted, but FRONT ENGINED RWD we don’t want to retrain cops for different setups But Pushrod V8 is heavily prefered
  • Vehicle must contain a Standard 8 Track
  • Vehicle must be a 4 door Sedan
  • Price rough cap is $24,000
  • Engine to run Standard Unleaded and to have a Catalytic Converter
  • Vehicle to have an Automatic Transmission there’s no room for a Stickshift when there’s a shotgun in the way
  • Vehicle to have an attempt at a livery.
  • Engine ET Limit: 155
  • Trim ET Limit: 95
    they are limits… not recommended to maximise one.

Naming convention

Model/Family: PDC9-Username
Variant: Anything, do include name of vehicle.

Judging Criteria.


  • Service Costs
  • Looks
  • Reliability
  • Boot Space


  • Fuel economy
    which seems weird as a secondary priority, but considering Police cars of this era didn’t run all the time or need to run computers in the car… they were barely running anyway to warrant fuel costs
  • Drivability


  • Cost
  • Safety what’s that?
  • Comfort
  • Sportiness if you even get a score

if you try to get a score in a market you are doing this wrong

The ruleset will be left for a day for public scrutiny before we open up.

Constable Shuriken, Over and Out.


Any performance requirements? Interior bits the car must have? Some assemblance of a radio?

I take that to mean that this piece of equipment is intended to simulate a police radio of some sort.

My bad. Didn’t see that one for some reason.

While I get that pushrod v8 is heavily preferred how will the penalties for differing from that work? Would a pushrod 90* v6 get a lower penalty than for example a DOHC boxer?

Well they did trials with Volvos, BMWs and Peugeots back in the day…


One is a Pushrod V8 with a set of cylinders lobbed off, the other is a servive nightmare for on the fly work.
all a matter of performance and service.

Alright then… what about a simple SOHC-2V 5.5L V8? Less complex than a dohc, less restrictive for servicing than a boxer nightmare…? would that be ok?

That for you to find out.

Can you just tell me what car would be best so I can win please. :joy:

Any limit on the use of sliders?

Are there any minimum performance targets?

I know police cars in the US now, are speed limited to something like 130, so I’d say aim for at least that. Just so long as the performance is of its period really…

I’m uploading this now, because I’m away for a while.

The Brantan Columbus Interceptor

Its so slow, it can hardly move out of its own way, but hey, it’s the 80s and it’s a big car

I’m too lazy to upload updated screenshots with side indicators.


What are some of the mods recommended for this that are compatible in the current version?

American, Brash, Bold, Patriotic, refer Inspiration

Submissions are open till the 29th. 1200 AEST

So, no restrictions on sliders?

Be realistic… you have ET to work with!!!

I can be unrealistic and still be under the ET requirements lol, but I understand what you want. That should be the last question from me.

The 1982 Ibis Mallard Pursuit, an adaptation of the just–released Mallard full–sizer.

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