[PDC] Political Design Challenge Rond 6: D.E.C.O.Y

Spain- 1974:

After almost forty years of tiranny, the dictator´s health is falling apart. Meanwhile, the enemies of the regime are gaining strength and the popular support is decreasing. But some people havn’t given up yet. The heads of the state still believe in the perpetuation of the dictatorial system, even after 'Paco’s death.

To do so, they need to keep the population away from politics. Football used to be the answer. But now that they are facing a significant problem, they go directly to the national carmaker with a mission:

They want to introduce a flamboyant new sports car, produced nationally. A cheap car, accesible for the common people, but at the same time a good performer, because the mysterious Mr. B is looking to fund a single make race cup for it:

The D.E.C.O.Y. 1974

(The ‘Driving Español Contest Organisation, Year 1974’)


Classic Mini


Honda N600

Lancia Fulvia

BMW m5

Opel Ascona

NIssan Skyline



  • Dates set to 1974;
  • Body from the last 10 years;
  • Sports compound tires;
  • Interior: Basic; 2 Seats; radio; advanced 70’ safety;
  • Engine: ≤ 6 cylinders; 92 leaded;


  • Any aluminium, magnesium or fibre glass construction
  • Quality in tires
  • More than 6 cylinders
  • under 50 overall reliability
  • Wedges
The Wedges are

-1970 coupe 2.33m wheelbase (Ferrari)

-1969 coupe 2.15m wheelbase (lancia stratos )

-1965 coupe 2.47m wheelbase (Another ferrari?) and also the 1965 coupe body from mod

you know how they look like lan


  • Engine PU/ET: 35/85
  • Body PU/ET: 75/75
  • 1000 service costs max
  • 5000 combined material costs max (chassis and engine)
Where you can read out 'combined material costs'

last screeen in the designer


  • Looks 10%
  • Reliability 25%
  • Sportiness 25%
  • Drivability 10%
  • Total costs 15%
  • Service costs 15%

Submission (Deadline 29th of February, 23:59 CET (+1)):

Model: PDC6 -insert your username here-
Trim: up to u
Engine: PDC6 -insert your username here-
Variant: up to u

DM to me I guess,
please also mention the mods used and / or send pictures of the car for that purpose
so I don’t have to randomly guess workshop content

Immeasurable thanks to @Petakabras and @Jaimz for basically making the challenge, and we wish you good luck!


Dysphenoids are Inacceptable

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So, When do i send my upgraded lada?

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Do you really need to improve a Lada?


i can make it run on potato

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I doubt it’s validity for racing though

Loving this new PDC!

Is there any guidance on displacement, or is it just whatever happens to work with the budgetary constraints and the six-cyclinder max?

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i can very much confirm power of potato lada

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Does that mean that regular alloy wheels are also taboo?

Also, I don’t think catalytic converters will be required - those would not be mandated until the mid-80s.

Addendum: I just found out that alloy wheels are allowed, but any panel material other than any kind of steel isn’t.

The low running costs mean your wheels won’t be thick enough for anything over 2L, but feel free to try your 10L inline 6 in this competition

The dictator didn’t believe in global warming

You can use alloy wheels. Those restraints were for the panels.

92 RON is leaded so your cats would burn out on the start line! :rofl:

Yeah I changed it over to specify alloy construction.
Again, displacement is really up to you, but most viable bodies naturally constrain it.
But where did you find catalytic converters mentioned? I didn’t put anything down. I don’t even think there’s the option to…

:rofl: Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to. I did have something over 2L that I think the wheels can handle… will need to sense-check it on the other side of sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Can confirm that there’s no cat option with the leaded fuel, as should be the case.)

So, Still not send?

It wasn’t law in the US in '74.

Can I make a car called the “We’ve got all your fish”?

I’m not convinced, sounds like bait to me… but go ahead d:

I think two weeks for submissions are normal, right?